You hate it when people text you "k" because you're rarely in the mood to ever talk about potassium. amirite?
You feel jealous that some languages have words for things that English doesn't have a word for, amirite?

waldeinsamkeit (german): the feeling of being alone in the woods.

meraki (greek): doing something with soul, creativity, or love.

pochmuchka (russian): a person who asks a lot of questions.

forelsket (norwegian): a sense of euphoria experienced when first falling in love.

cualacino (italian): the mark left on a table from a cold glass.

Yeah, i'm jealous.

If Donald Duck has nephews, where is his brother? amirite?
@CapedCrusader This is fucking fascinating!

Hortense McDuck? Now I know what I'm naming my first-born child.

Nutella is utterly disgusting, amirite?

What disease do you have that makes you think such terrible thoughts?

CQIM = Chuckling quietly inside myself. amirite?

U.A.A.S.S-unnecessary acronyms are so stupid.

Owl City is a bit overrated, Eagle Village is where its at, amirite?

Eagle Village is the best. My favorite song by him is either Cinnamon Dusk. Or maybe Lightning Bugs. I also enjoy the song Blueberry Snowfall. And Goodbye Washington.

I don't usually post, but when I do, I get on the homepage. Amirite, post responsibly, amirite?

Stay rite, my friends.

Have you ever noticed everything bad that happens to men has her in it? HERpes, HERneas, HEaRse,amirite?
Going back to school makes me want to rip the legs off of a giraffe, amirite?

haha calm down, it's just a joke. I love giraffes as much as the next guy, but I think the author was just trying to make a joke about how much he/she doesn't want to go back to school.

Nobody really knows who coined the phrase "coin the phrase", amirite?

I bet it was Sarah Palin.

We should get all the emotional girls to wear mood rings so we'll be tipped off to when they're ticked off, amirite?

If it's drama you want, then look no further.

We can all think of a singer with a voice that simply makes us melt, amirite?

hayley williams.

Girls: You'd go for a guy that knows how to dance. Not just club kind of dancing, but like latin and swing dancing, amirite?

2011 resolutions:

You stay in your pajamma's all day and aren't ashamed one bit in the summer, amirite?
Only girls like All Time Low because they're too busy looking at Alex's hair and body to be really listening to their music, amirite?

Yeah...I know a lot of girls who just like the music and don't think Alex is attractive.