god is real if someone come from the futer,god is not real if no one comes from the futer and we made the time macne also we were first than the futer, amirite?
There's no "I" in "denial", amirite?
There's no "I" in "denial", amirite?
@Vepix Yup. Awesome ends with me. FACT.

Because when youre here, the awesome ends

have u ever wondered what bra cup sizes really mean if so this is wat i was told : A- almost boobs B-barly there C-could do better D- dang DD-double dang anything bigger watermelon!! :) amirite?

*A-Almost Boobs B-Barely Boobs C-Can't Complain D-Damn DD-Double Damn E-Extreme F-Fake

African mother to her child: "You better be happy you're that skinny, there's fat kids in America that wish they were as skinny as you!", amirite?

This post is so stupid. Everyone knows kids in Africa don't have moms, that's what angelina joile is for

Can we go over to mamby-pamby land? I need some self confidence. amirite?

Pffft, mamby-pamby land? That's weak shit, Wenie hut juniors is where it's at

Girls: If the person you're with doesn't like fish, you shouldn't expect to eat out much, amirite?

If it tastes like chicken, keep on licking. If it tastes like trout get the fuck out.

Animal testing may be wrong, but letting thousands of people die from possibly curable diseases is worse. amirite?
@So we should just let those people who have loved ones and lives die just for the good of those lucky enough not to...

Survival of the fittest, natural selection, whatever you want to call it, the world is becoming over populated, there was always thi joke in my 9th grade social class "If we fed all the obese children in the world to all the starving kids in the world, we could solve over-population AND world hunger!"

If you argue that aborting a fetus is wrong because it is cutting off potential life, then by that logic, any moment when a woman isn't pregnant is wasting potential. I mean, seriously, why are you even reading this right now when you could be getting nasty? This is a matter of life and death! Amirite?

Ok, so here's how I see this whole situation breaking down. It's not your life, not your decisions, and it's none of your business. Having the baby and getting an abortion BOTH have good/bad consequences, and it's the womans responsibility to make those choices and reap the repercussions. You have absolutely no right to tell anybody how to live their life, and anybody who thinks they do needs a reality check. It's not going to change your life, it's not going to hurt you, so just leave people alone. Abortion may not be the best option, but it will always be an option, whether or not it's legal or you agree with it, so just let this argument die and get on with your lives.

It's stupid how the masculine hormones make most guys enjoy seeing outstretched breast skin and a hole in the crotch, particularly on the female gender, amirite?
@Lazynez OK, but like i said, "I'm straighter than a 180 degree angle."

Wouldn't that make you a reflex angle? If it does, you might wanna go to a doctor, I don't think it's supposed to bend like that

You kind of wish you had an overweight gym teacher so you could tell them that you'd like to see them climb the rope first. Amirite?

I did in grade 10, our fat assistant principal was teaching and told us to run a mile. I told him to do it with us cause he obviously needs it more. Totally worth the in-school suspension


I just read that three times and I'm still not sure what it means...

Facial hair is like periods for guys, amirite?
@PurpleZebra If your facial hair comes out of your ass....

As a guy, I can honestly say I have an ass-beard

2 Girls, I Cup, Goatse, and other internet shock images/videos are disgusting and will scar for you life, but at least you can trick other people into watching them.amirite?

Fuck. And. You.