if you were in jail for life with no chance of getting out you would attempt to break out everyday just to spice things up, amirite?
@Prose no, there's 'no chance of getting out' DICKWIT

No chance of getting out legally, I think he means. Like if you had a life sentence with no chance of parole or anything.

You know, people always write about how naive they were a year or two ago. In reality, their knowledge hasn't changed that much. Your mind just tends to forget all the smart and intelligent stuff you thought about, and remembers the stupid things you did that embarrass you. You can't gain that much knowledge in just a year or two to justify how naive you think you were compared to now. We seriously sometimes don't give ourselves enough credit, amirite?

Its true that you might have thought & forgotten about a lot of really intelligent things, but I also think that a year or two is enough time to gain a great amount of knowledge and/or experience.

You hate it in posts when people say 'Admit it,' or 'Let's face it' or 'Be honest...' and then say something completely normal and not embarrassing, amirite?

He got banned, I believe..

Haters gonna hate. Bitches gonna bitch. The question is, what are you going to do, amirite?

Nice topic choice, for I do indeed consider this my religion.

Walt Disney and his people HAD to be on something, amirite?

truthfully, for fairy tales, I don't even think they're that "out there" or crazy.
not to say I don't like them, but I don't watch them and question the creators mental condition, ya know?


Oh, I've heard of that actually! Never watched it though.


I'm curious, what show?

I never start at the beginning of a sketchbook, solely because it intimidates me. I just flip to the middle and draw things on random pages until I'm out and I have to go to the first page.

wearing a shirt that says: "make love not war" is not really helping... amirite?

It's not hurting though, either, so it doesn't really matter..

It's absolutely disgusting that someone would lie about themselves (a lie that makes the other person feel bad) in order to receive sexual favors from someone, amirite?

What situation inspired this?

Dear college professors: A Ph.D. is not a substitute for human decency, amirite?
@YeahIAm What?

I think she means the first sentence was supposed to end as "...yell and scream at anyone who called her Mrs." and then the next sentence began as "Cunt, we do realize how much and hard you worked.."

Admit it, when a perv says something creepy to you, you are slightly flattered, amirite?

Only to a certain extent

It's stupid that having panic attacks or social anxiety is a trend, amirite?

I knew that for a while (and still now, actually) claiming to have depression or OCD was the "trend", but this is new to me.