Though you're not particularly against either, you wonder how people can be anti-circumcision and pro-abortion. Sure, the baby may not want his genitals cut, but you think it would be equally against dying, amirite?

Also, pro-choice =/= pro-abortion. I don't think I know anybody who's like AW FUCK YEAH I <3 TERMINATING PREGNANCY

You hate it when you lie to your friend about losing your virginity and some Christian girl tells everyone you're a slut, amirite?

It's pretty easy to get through if you've got a pocketful of sunshine.

It's perfectly okay to break up with someone via text message, amirite?

The only non-douchebaggish circumstance I can think of for this is if the relationship was abusive or something and it wouldn't be safe/smart to do it in person.
But other than that it's kind of a dick move.

Every Sunday, I stop by my favorite cafe and eat lunch there, then bring a sandwich and juice to the homeless guy outside. Today, some lady coming out of the cafe gave me the dirtiest look as I was handing him his food. What the fuck is her problem, amirite?
@Truuninja She probably thinks he's gonna spend it all on drugs. Thanks for sharing your story with us though. I certainly...

OP didn't even give him money though, they gave him food.
That lady must have just been an asshole.

When you found out about sex, all your preconceived notions of where babies came from went out the window, amirite?

I used to think that babies were products you get in a shop, and that they were packaged in really small glass bottles that the dad would insert into the mom's ear as some sort of present.
Don't even ask me what gave me this idea.

You wonder what atheists call out in bed, amirite?


You have that friend who consistently manages to somehow date people way out of their league, amirite?

If it happens that often, maybe their "league" is a little higher than you originally thought

You really hate that this is going to be called Elizabeth Tower from now on, amirite?
@coasterkid That is correct. Bigben, the bell, will stay the same, butthe tower will be renamed, which I think is crazy. The...

This is going to come off as rude but I mean it as a totally genuine question - why does it matter to you so much?

it sucks when you're trying to drink a Capri Sun and it doesn't want to lose its virginity. amirite?


It would be torture to be unable to die, only think, alone for eternity, amirite?

See, I like to be alone and think myself, but even so I think an eternity of any one thing would begin to become torture eventually.

Real intimacy is when a man touches a woman without using his hands, amirite?

I immediately thought of this in the LITERAL way until I read the comments...

Starting a comment with "This is probably gonna get downvoted but" is pretty much a sure fire way of getting voted up, because the majority of the amirite community will pretty much go out of their way to prove that no one can accurately predict their behaviour, amirite?

"They can't tell me what I'm gonna do, man. I upvoted. Fuck the system."

Children of the '90s: You're surprised Johnny Bravo didn't get any action, amirite?

Hah, i know, right? He was pretty fly for a cartoon character xD

Girls LOVE it when guys go behind the girl and wrap their arms around their waste. amirite?

Until they start humping

6th grade was probably your worst year style-wise, amirite?

Peace signs...lots of them...and oh Lord did I like flare jeans...:/