About me.

Hello random person that clicked on my profile.
Well, since you're here, here's some random facts about myself:
1) I'm 15.
2) I'm starting one College class this fall. (Art 101)
3) I love art, music, and good films.
4) I'm very shy.
5) I Love martial arts, and I'm currently studying three different styles.
6) My grammar is horrible.
7) I love good fictions, and I'll regular read a 400 page book in a day.
8) Technology hates me, hence me not being Meant to live in this century.
9) Nationality wise I'm American, Mentally wise people describe me as british.
10) I'm very pale. (sadly)
11) I have a pug names Yuki, he is a happy pugget.
12) My favorite book is the hallow kingdom.
Props to you if you read all of this.
Leave me a message if you want.