The Boston Marathon bombers are wicked. They should be tracked arrested and tried for murder.

Well no shit Sherlock

Alcoholics don't seem to realise that you only liver once, amirite?

Thankfully it regenerates

Ever since someone told you to google 'blue waffle', you no longer think of dessert when some one mentions 'waffles', amirite?

I think breakfast...

Its really annoying when you're playing COD and someone decides to constantly use an RPG/grenade launcher/flash grenades, amirite?

Friends don't let friends play cod

Life would be so much different if losing the lottery was the cool thing to do, amirite?
The two best days in a person's life are the day we are born, and the day we discover why, amirite?

The day we discover 'how'... Not so much

People in infomercials must have depressing lives, amirite?

Chuck Norris does infomercials...

Metal music is just no good anymore, amirite?
@Pumbaaa Well then tell me some good modern metal bands. Because I really am sick of those whiny screechy bands that some...

By definition:
"a type of rock music characterized by a strong beat and amplified instrumental effects, often with violent, nihilistic, and misogynistic lyrics"
So those "screechy bands" actually are metal. Actually know what the music is before you claim to like it, please and thank you

Metal music is just no good anymore, amirite?
@Pumbaaa I don't, because I can't find any good modern metal bands.

You don't know because you don't look. You're just some Hipster little kid who tries to act all hardcore because you listen to "old metal". Sorry you're not

The people who get angry playing 'Call of Duty' games shouldn't be playing them, amirite?

Don't get angry. Get battlefield

Metal music is just no good anymore, amirite?

Someone obviously doesn't listen to much new metal music

Pokemon must have amnesia because they are always forgetting their moves, amirite?
hangover wouldn't be the same without Allen, amirite?

Nothing in the movies would have happened without him

It would be awesome to live through an entire century like the 1900's-2100's, amirite?
@thisisnotaudrey that would be two centuries..

I think what the OP meant is that you're born in 1990 something and lived to the 2100s. That way they'd live through the entire 2000s

Tarzan makes tree surfing look easy but that must cause your foot some serious pain! and what about splinters? Or random bugs? amirite?

Jagged bark