Sitting on the toilet backwards. Think about it, that little tank on the back of the bowl opens up a world of possibilities. You can take a nap, eat a bowl of cereal, finish your homework, file a tax return, pratice origimi, train your pokemon for the elite four, mow the lawn, wash the dog, cure cancer, take out a 2nd mortage on your house, punch a politician... or shit backwards, amirite?
You hate it when your parents dislike the parents of your friend so they won't let you hang out with your friend, amirite?

I totally know what you mean! There was this girl that I was utterly in love with but our families had a bloody past and I was forbidden to be with her! Then she hatched a plan to fake her death and have me come rescue her so that we could be together. But I didn't get the memo and am now suicidal because she's dead...

When someone says you scream like a little girl, you wonder what a manly scream sounds like. amirite?

Probably along the lines of "Holy shit" followed by a few gunshots

It's funny how kissing is seen as more intimate than hugging, because when you hug someone, you're pressing your entire body onto them, while kissing just involves lips, amirite?

There is more than one place to kiss

I love how you posted this under food

Go to Google Translate and type in "Will Justin Bieber ever hit puberty" then translate English to Vietnamese Copy and paste the Vietnamese words and translate Vietnamese back to English, amirite?

Imposter! Smite him!

They couldn't have picked a worse song for the George Lopez Show opening, amirite?
@MCS35 They're all jumping around like crazy and theres a slow song.

they're jumping in slow motion so the tempo's are the same. Also its not always about the tempo. If you actually think about it George Lopez is the Low Rider in the song.

It's not fair that 'A dream within a dream within a dream' is an award winning blockbuster, but 'A woman within a woman within a woman' is just an unpopular Russian toy. They could've done so much more with that idea, amirite?

They are also a weapon on Call of Duty: Black Ops's on the map Ascension in Nazi Zombies

They couldn't have picked a worse song for the George Lopez Show opening, amirite?

I don't care who you are Low Rider by War is an amazing song for any situation

When Hiroshima was bombed, 70,000 people were instantly vaporized. They didn't even know what had happened, they just died in a second. What if a bomb was dropped on your town, and you were instantly vaporized unbeknownst to you. It kind of changes your views on life, amirite?

What kind of shadow would you leave on the wall?

Girls: you could use a tits massage right about now. amirite?
SEX! now c'mon that made you feel just a little awkward, amirite?

Not as awkward as you must feel after realizing how dumb this post is

T.V. shows never depict high school accurately. It is not a dramatic as Glee, as easy going as Hannah Montana or a stupid as Napoleon Dynamite. (I know it's a comedy.) amirite?

Napolean Dynamite is a movie. Not a TV show

An ugly, dorky genius and a beautiful, charming airhead should get married sometime because their kids would be beautiful, charming geniuses. Either that or they would be ugly, dorky airheads. amirite?

Or more than likely they would be a combination of all of the traits. Genetics doesn't overload one set of genes

@Serene They're gonna fuck it up.

But imagine what it'd be like if they didn't