You can at least understand why people believe what they do in terms of religion, whether they believe in something or nothing. But you will never understand devil worshippers, amirite?
You wish college wasn't such a normalized aspect of our culture, and that there were other, equally esteemed post high school options, amirite?

I personally am going to college, but I completely agree with you. Only 50 or so years ago, very few people went to college because it wasn't necessary for a lot of careers. Now it's like people think you're an idiot if you didn't go to college.

Sex is a really weird concept if you think about it. Two people lay on top of each other naked and put one part of their body into the other part of the other person's body that (hopefully) fits perfectly, and they hump. It would make sense that you do this silly act with someone you care and know, or else it would just be embarrassing, amirite?

I think the OP's just trying to say that sex is a personal thing, and he/she would feel weird or awkward having sex with a random stranger, while other people do that all the time. Maybe not though.

it's a vicious cycle

Even today in America, where we have a half black president and 'racial equality' blacks are still put in prison more often and die earlier than whites. Young black men are more likely to end up in prison than to graduate college. And the leading cause of death for black men under thirty is homicide. So please don't say that racial justice has been achieved and racial equality is a dead movement, amirite?
@kristin Blacks are just as, and maybe even more, racist towards whites.

racism: prejudice or discrimination directed against someone of a different race based on such a belief. That's my definition. You don't need to start a debate on every comment that people make.

When you miss the last long note in Guitar Hero, it gets super quiet and you're left to think of all the wrongs you've done in life.

I suck at guitar hero and I always miss it so this made me laugh.

Christians: You actually think gay marriage should be legal, amirite?
@Len Romans 12:19 English Standard Version (ESV) 19 Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God...

At the end of time God will judge everyone based on the life he or she lived. I think that quote is basically saying that no one else has the right to judge or to "get revenge" on someone because only God has that right.
vengeful is defined as: seeking to harm someone in return for a perceived injury.
God doesn't seek to harm.

I'm sorry. this is a terrible rebuttal but I have an issue going on and I can't seem to come up with something convincing right now.

The way American culture takes traditions from other countries and turns them into popular trends back in the states is wrong, amirite?
@This site is dominated by Americans, and you came onto here even vaguely referencing a slight disliking to someone...

I disagree. There are a lot of Americans on here who apparently don't like their country.

It's kind of surprising or at least sad that some people will be voting for Obama purely due to his race, amirite?

Not so surprising. But very sad.

Niel Armstrong went to outter space and only took 5 pictures. Most girls blow that out of the water when they visit the bathroom, amirite?
@Truuninja You were logged in, you weren't anonymous, it will show up on your profile and so will all the yyas and favourites...

Are you really upset about the fact that OP will get achievements and yyas for this? Who gives a shit, really.... it made people laugh so it doesn't matter where it's from. Some people on here don't go on that many websites, so they might not have seen it anywhere else. I know I never saw it before, and I enjoyed it.

Sometimes you look at the problems some people have going on in their life, and wonder what dimension they're from, amirite?
Americans: On Sunday, don't forget to set your clocks back one hour. On Tuesday, try not to set your country back 50 years.
@Frank_n_Furter Romney has an economic policy of the 20's, the social policy of the 50's, and a foreign policy of the 80's, so I...

But the 20s were a time of economic boom. And the 50s were a time in which America was really becoming the superpower it was after WWII. And the 80s were a time of prosperity under Reagan. I don't see how Obama's policies are better.

That should be a parent's job. My parents taught me what it meant.

Deport Illegal Immigrants who have Committed a Crime in the US?

How about just deport illegal immigrants.

You wear socks when you sleep, Amirite?

Really? I have to wear socks when I sleep. My feet get so cold.