Love knows no race, gender or social status. Not allowing people to consummate their love through a marriage ceremony because they are the same gender is sad and naive. amirite?

Haha I'd rather have nobody consummating their love at a marriage ceremony...

Some people claim that the reason we have been experiencing all this gun violence lately is because we have pushed God out of our schools. Really, I was under the impression it was because we let anyone with a pulse buy a gun as long as they don't have any felonies, amirite?

Or because we let people who should be instituted walk around on our streets.

To most Christians, the Bible is like a software license. Nobody actually reads it, they just scroll down to the bottom and click "I agree.", amirite?

Let the grown-ups talk? Please, try to be more condescending. I don't think it's possible.
You don't know anything about me. I DO know what persecution is because I've witnessed it. And it wasn't against a gay person. I don't know why you started out with all the hostility because no one was hating on gays to begin with (in this post).
And you know what? What those cops said is true. They should have done something more about it and I'm sorry they didn't, but other religions and other countries are much less tolerant.
I'm not some sensitive moron that goes and cries when someone calls me a name, so I don't know where you got the idea that I am.
Maybe you should respond to my comment when you learn to be more respectful considering that I said NOTHING rude about you and nothing rude about gay people and all I did was defend something that should be defended.

You don't support Obama trying to raise taxes on the wealthy to make America "fair", amirite?
@DuffLogic Okay atheisticMystic that is totally incorect its .3% not 30% and i think its totally fair if you have more money...

This is what's wrong with America. Just because you have more, it doesn't mean you're obligated to give anything to anyone. Of course it's a good person who does give, but you shouldn't have to. Thats capitalism. Competition. Some people have more, and good for them!

Some people just have to be respected. An example is Obama. Even if you don't like him, you have to respect him for being the first non-white president of the us, not the most accepting country, amirite?

We should respect him because he's black...... no.

People should understand the difference between sex and gender, amirite?

So if you have to fill out a form and it's asking for your gender you would say male, but if it's asking for your sex you would say female? Because I feel like forms and stuff differ in their wording sometimes. So. I'm just wondering.

You enjoy technology and all, but sometimes you wish you could live more simply, amirite?

That's an interesting thought.

Being lonely doubles your chances of dying young, but if you do, then there will be nobody to give a fuck, amirite?

I don't know if you were trying to, but this made me laugh

Christians: You actually think gay marriage should be legal, amirite?

I feel like you're taking a lot of quotes from the bible out of context. In the last quote you wrote, God's practically saying the great commandment. Love God above all things, with your heart, soul and mind.

I went to a catholic school and they had these retreats every year. And I went on one, and these people were talking about faith and all that stuff. And they asked us who we think we should base our foundation on. Almost everyone said the usual, you know, family, friends. But then they said what happens when family and friends are gone? What happens when your mom/dad is no longer here to take care of you, etc? You have to base your foundation on God because God will always be there. And that's why God is saying "if you prefer father or mother over me, you don't deserve me." Because that is part of our belief. To love God with everything we have.
I'm certainly not saying that's easy and I'm sure that you won't be suddenly convinced by this message but it seems to me that you have some disdain for God and/or the church. Just know that God isn't as hateful as you may believe.

If a friend tells me that I should not be allowed to get married due to my sexuality or race or religion, it's justifiable that I slap him or her across the face if he or she doesn't listen to reason. amirite?
@AdonisBatheus In what way is life just automatically unfair? Even if it is, that doesn't mean we can't make it fairer. There is a...

I'm not bitching about anything, to be clear.
But it's just the way it is, there's no answer to that. As a stupid example, because I can't think of another one on the spot, say you get paired up with someone you hate for some school project. Just little things like that, someone would be like 'omgggg why!' Because not everything's gonna work out perfectly for you all the time. You know? This is probably so unclear and not making my point, but that's all right.
I'm just trying to say that people have the right to feel the way they do. And a lot of comments here are saying stuff like, 'I hate when someone's only excuse for being against gay marriage because of religion.' That's a big factor in a lot of people's lives. And as much as people say it's not, America is a religious country. Why do you think every president and every coin and dollar we have say stuff like, "in God we trust," and "God bless America." And there's nothing wrong with that. Religion is a good thing. And not all religious people are 'closed-minded' as you seem to think. So you shouldn't be so quick to judge.

It's baffling how a country like America that boasts about freedoms and rights, can make things illegal like gay marriage or abortions, Amirite?
Guys: you are bothered by arm hair on girls, amirite?

The first time I met a girl who shaved her arms I was like wtf. It's just another thing you'd have to shave. And my hairs really blonde anyway. So it wouldn't make a difference.

@VicZinc Three questions: 1) Does he feel that way about everyone, or only the people that worship him? 2) What would...

Answer to question 1, he feels that way about every single person. No matter what that person believes.

The second amendment should not be repealed, but stricter regulations on gun ownership should be put in place, amirite?
Professional athletes, while they work hard and have a lot of refined natural talent, do not deserve millions of dollars each year to do what they do, Amirite?

I understand your point, but that's the way economics work. If someone is willing to pay billions of dollars, then why not. If you were an nba star do you think you'd say no no really, I just couldn't take that billion dollars!