People who drink black coffee: you feel irrationally superior to people who use milk and sugar, amirite?

I don't even drink coffee but this made me laugh.

Americans: you believe this video is truthful, and that we should be demanding more from the top 1%, amirite?

I'd beg to differ that the top 1% doesn't consist of CEOs, but it consists of Hollywood stars and the like.

Romnesia: the ability of the very rich to forget the context in which they made their money, amirite?

Does it matter how Romney or anyone makes their money?

You can at least understand why people believe what they do in terms of religion, whether they believe in something or nothing. But you will never understand devil worshippers, amirite?
@Frank_n_Furter They don't worship the satan described in the bible. Satan is the embodiment of human characteristics. The things...

Yeah, I don't know anything about the church of satan so I trust that you're right. That's not the kind of people I'm talking about exactly. I'm talking about people who believe in the devil of the bible and worship evil.

It's sorta sad that we never really physically touch each other because of those confounded laws of our universe. Amirite?
Channing Tatum really isn't as good looking as people seem to think. amirite?

Yesssssss! I say this all the time and I get looked at like I'm crazy. Not that he's ugly, but there are so many better looking guys out there. Chad Michael Murray for starters.

@AppAwesome Why? Education isn't needed, and if people really needed to learn, they would do it on their own, like I do.

So they can afford a high school education but they can't afford to go to the library and get a couple books?

If there's one thing Obama has done perfectly since becoming president, it's divide. Divide the American people along class lines and racial lines. Reagan spoke of "we" and "us." Obama is nothing but the blame game and "them," amirite?
@Mitt Romney was born into a rich family. When he invested in Bain he was endowed under a huge safety net so he...

You're also proving OP correct. You're speaking about the lower, middle and upper classes as if that should matter. Obama's done a great job of pitting the "social classes" against each other, when in reality social classes shouldn't exist in America.

There are things you know you know, and there are things you know you don't know. Then there are things you don't know you don't know, amirite?
It is so annoying to hear Romney speak about the middle class as if he actually cares about them, amirite?
@_Jojo_ And what, Romney is a saint? You can't ignore his lies. The proof is in the debates as well.

I didn't say Romney's a saint. But if you research his background, you'll see that he's a really decent man. I don't know why people think he's heartless and only looking out for the upper class.

You wish love was easy, amirite?
@MissAutumnFall If love was easy, then it wouldnt be worth it.

True, true. I meant more when you and another person are already in love. I wish it was easier making everything work.

You are voting for Romney this election, amirite?

Just because republicans have different views on issues it doesn't mean they're "taking away rights." And that's such a blanket term. Not all republicans feel the same way about that stuff.

I don't think I can even decide. Such a tough choice.

There are things you know you know, and there are things you know you don't know. Then there are things you don't know you don't know, amirite?
@B10ckH34d There are also things I don't know I know. I was talking science to my friend the other day, and during one of my...

That could be true. I was just aiming more towards the fact that a lot of times people think they're so knowledgeable about something when they really don't know what they're talking about.