Christians: You actually think gay marriage should be legal, amirite?

God isn't vengeful

Guns aren't going anywhere. There is no reason to let emotions run wild and ban firearms. Israel has had no school shooting since it adopted a policy that arms teachers on school grounds almost 40 years ago. Thailand has had school shootings drop drastically since they employed the same policy eight years ago. Kennesaw, Georgia hasn't had a single homicide in 25 years since requiring every household to own a firearm. We need MORE guns in the hands of responsible citizens.

Thank you, OP. People think that we need stricter gun laws. The laws are already strict. Compare New York City to Texas. Which has more gun laws and which has more terrible shootings?

Regardless of your opinions on it, rape does have some double-standards when it comes to how we treat it versus other crimes, amirite?

I tried to picture myself telling a rape victim that they shouldn't have dressed the way they did or acted the way they did and it was hard for me.

But you made a good point.

Copying someone's homework is cheating, and should be treated as such by teachers and professors, amirite?

I don't think it's that big of a deal though.

Equality for all. It's that simple.

Probably a stupid question, but I'm not getting the picture. What's it supposed to symbolize?

Americans: On Sunday, don't forget to set your clocks back one hour. On Tuesday, try not to set your country back 50 years.
All politicians seem to talk about is the middle class - how much they're suffering, how protecting them should be our #1 priority, how they should get the most tax breaks, etc. It would be helpful if they talked about the lower/working class, amirite?

Obama hasn't talked about the lower class lately because he knows he has their vote already.

You hate it when it's 3 AM and there's dead bodies on your floor and you don't know how they got there, amirite?

I automatically thought of eminem. 3AM...

There are things you know you know, and there are things you know you don't know. Then there are things you don't know you don't know, amirite?
If a friend tells me that I should not be allowed to get married due to my sexuality or race or religion, it's justifiable that I slap him or her across the face if he or she doesn't listen to reason. amirite?
@AppAwesome Why? Education isn't needed, and if people really needed to learn, they would do it on their own, like I do.

And I also meant that you don't need a teacher present with you. Obviously you have to get the information from somewhere.

It is only possible to have one TRUE love or soul mate in a lifetime. Amirite?
@freespeechfreelancer Yeah, but the big question is - do we wait around hoping for it to happen, or do we go out and make it happen? And...

I don't know what the solution is. My cousin and his wife just recently told us they're getting divorced and I was completely shocked. They seemed like they were fine. It makes me doubt everything. But I think someone mentioned fairy tales in the comments above and I think that's a big part of it. I grew up watching and listening to these fairy tales where everything ended perfectly and you lived happily ever after. I don't know. My boyfriend and I have talked about that stuff and it's kind of sad to think that one day he might not be in my life because I love him and he means a lot to me. But what if he's not 'the one?' I don't know.. I just rambled on about irrelevant things haha

To most Christians, the Bible is like a software license. Nobody actually reads it, they just scroll down to the bottom and click "I agree.", amirite?

Just because I haven't been the victim of physical persecution doesn't mean that I don't know what it must feel like. As I said I've witnessed it and I've witnessed it a lot. Against good friends of mine.
I'm sorry that people who call themselves christians have hurt you. Really, I am. It makes me feel bad that there are still people who think that it's okay to do stuff like that.
But is christianity to blame? I don't think so.
I just don't think that violence like that should be blamed on christianity and christians. Most christians I know are fully accepting of gay people. And the christians that I know that are not are still respectful of them.
And nobody is claiming that christianity in infallible, or perfect, or anything else like it.

You are voting for Romney this election, amirite?

I agree with you on contraceptives. I just think a lot of republicans look at it from a moral standpoint. You could say the same thing about democrats, that they take away rights. Look at Mayor Bloomberg. I know he's listed as a republican, or whatever he is now, independent. But he was originally a democrat. He proposed the soda ban. I think that's taking away rights just as much.