To most Christians, the Bible is like a software license. Nobody actually reads it, they just scroll down to the bottom and click "I agree.", amirite?
@lana Being ridiculed is not the same as being persecuted. The "Christian name" is ruined because people like you try to...

When did I say I had a hardship? I don't give a fuck who insults me. I didn't claim that my life is miserable because I'm a christian. I just said that people insult Christians for no reason. If you knew anything about Christianity you'd know that the main teaching is to love your neighbor as you love yourself. Therefore, anyone who hates gay people or hates people of different color or anything else like that is not a christian. That's my point. There isn't a problem with christianity, there's a problem with some people who call themselves christians.

People should understand the difference between sex and gender, amirite?
@VicZinc If it says gender you should put male or female; if is says sex you should write in a description like: //Not too...

Haha I'll keep that in mind next time I fill out my form at the doctor. I bet he'd like to know.

Niel Armstrong went to outter space and only took 5 pictures. Most girls blow that out of the water when they visit the bathroom, amirite?
@Truuninja You were logged in, you weren't anonymous, it will show up on your profile and so will all the yyas and favourites...

Are you really upset about the fact that OP will get achievements and yyas for this? Who gives a shit, really.... it made people laugh so it doesn't matter where it's from. Some people on here don't go on that many websites, so they might not have seen it anywhere else. I know I never saw it before, and I enjoyed it.

@VicZinc Three questions: 1) Does he feel that way about everyone, or only the people that worship him? 2) What would...

Answer to question 1, he feels that way about every single person. No matter what that person believes.

@VicZinc Interesting thought. Didn't you say they the only ones who get there?

This is my personal perspective right now. I see hell as being a place for people who don't love God or don't want to be with him in heaven. I really think that everyone who truly loves God and wants to be with him and is sorry for his sins will eventually be in heaven with God. So I don't look at hell as a place of suffering, but rather a place where people that chose not to be with God aren't with God.

But that's only my perspective

It'll be nice that for the month or so between the pope resigning and a new one being elected,there'll be no one on earth that claims to be infallible (at least no one that is taken seriously by so many), amirite?
It's stupid people think that birth control shouldn't be provided by health insurance because they think it's wrong. I don't believe in the war, I still have to pay taxes that support the war. I think organ transplants are morally wrong, so either health insurance shouldn't cover organ transplants for anyone or people can just pick and chose what taxes they pay. No. Moral opinions don't get to make the law. You pay what the government tells you to pay and if you hate it that much, leave, amirite?

I understand that you were just giving examples, but birth control can't be compared to war and organ transplants. War is sometimes necessary and important. And so are organ transplants, it's saving a life. But birth control isn't necessary. Why should other people pay so you can have safe sex?

People who drink black coffee: you feel irrationally superior to people who use milk and sugar, amirite?

I don't even drink coffee but this made me laugh.

Americans: you believe this video is truthful, and that we should be demanding more from the top 1%, amirite?

I'd beg to differ that the top 1% doesn't consist of CEOs, but it consists of Hollywood stars and the like.

So many humans have an undeserved sense of self importance- seeing themselves as separate and better from the rest of the animal kingdom just because we're smarter than the rest. Someone had to be the smartest, just like someone had to be the strongest, have the longest life span, etc. We are better AT being intelligent, but we are not better BECAUSE we are intelligent, amirite?
@Frank_n_Furter I like how this factually correct comment gets down voted not even 5 minutes after I post it because someone...

I didn't down vote your comment.
Anyway. You would choose your mom solely based on the fact that you're 'programmed to continue your species?' I would choose my mom because I love her and, in fact, I would choose someone I hate over an animal. Because they're important to someone. As much as you disagree with me and as much as you probably hate religion, we are inherently different from animals because of our intelligence and our ability to know, love, and have emotions. Animals, on the other hand, don't have emotions. They are the ones that are just programmed to continue their species.

Love knows no race, gender or social status. Not allowing people to consummate their love through a marriage ceremony because they are the same gender is sad and naive. amirite?

Haha I'd rather have nobody consummating their love at a marriage ceremony...

You have at one point wondered if every other human in the world wasn't alive, and that they were activated by your presence somehow; that you were the only person truly experiencing consciousness, Amirite?

I can honestly say I've never thought about that. I feel stupid because so many people have...

Romnesia: the ability of the very rich to forget the context in which they made their money, amirite?

Does it matter how Romney or anyone makes their money?

You can at least understand why people believe what they do in terms of religion, whether they believe in something or nothing. But you will never understand devil worshippers, amirite?
@Frank_n_Furter They don't worship the satan described in the bible. Satan is the embodiment of human characteristics. The things...

Yeah, I don't know anything about the church of satan so I trust that you're right. That's not the kind of people I'm talking about exactly. I'm talking about people who believe in the devil of the bible and worship evil.

It's sorta sad that we never really physically touch each other because of those confounded laws of our universe. Amirite?