Communism/Marxism is superior to Capitalism

I hear North Korea is doing pretty good

We all have the Right to Freedom of Expression as well as the Right to Human Dignity, but in some cases, these rights may infringe on one another. For example, making fun of what is held as hallowed by others. In cases such as these, which right should be held supreme? (Please comment, I'm very interested in what you think)

Offensiveness should never, ever be a reason to censor or restrict anything. What being offended boils down to is that someone hurt your feelings. We can't make that a crime.
Perfect example. Right now in Bangladesh (where Muslims settled after the religious division of India) the government is censoring blogs. These blogs contained content written by atheists that is deemed offensive by the Muslims in that country. So these Muslims threatened to march on what I assume is the capital city, and in response the government appeased them and ordered these blogs erased. That should not happen. These people are throwing temper tantrums because they can't handle people that disagree with them, and the result they get is positive! We're just enabling this bullshit behavior. The proper response is to let them march, and if they start to get violent or begin to riot, crush them. Send a message that religious belief is not a free pass to enact vigilante justice, or what they call God's judgement.
WWII should have taught us that appeasement is never a solution.

It's not an employer's responsibility to pay people enough money to raise their children. It's the responsibility of the parent to find a way to provide themselves with enough income to raise their own children, amirite?
@B10ckH34d It's an employee's responsibility to make himself employable. BUT it is an employer's responsibility to ensure that...

No, it's an employer's responsibility to provide a product to his customers at the cheapest price possible so he can stay competitive. That is it. The employer doesn't have to hire anyone at all if the employer doesn't want to [but he can produce and sell more products if he does]. The employer also doesn't have to have a business, but that wouldn't make him an employer would it? The employer is also not responsible for the employee's cost of living.

Ideally, the employer puts out an offer to pay potential employees such and such amount to do such and such tasks. If nobody wants to work for the amount he offered then they don't have to apply. If nobody applies, the employer will realize his offer is too low and will raise it to a price that people will be willing to work.

Government regulation steps in and tells the employer he must give a "minimum wage". This minimum wage forces the employer to lay off employees and combine tasks to current employees, making their jobs more stressful.

It's not an employer's responsibility to pay people enough money to raise their children. It's the responsibility of the parent to find a way to provide themselves with enough income to raise their own children, amirite?
@Frank_n_Furter It depends... What exactly are you saying here? Are you talking about minimum wage laws or am I looking too far into it?

Well, minimum wage and responsibility. People are responsible for their own lives, actions, and the consequences of their actions. Speaking of consequences, they are also responsible for the lives they bring into this world until their children are at an age where they can become independent (according to the law it's 18 but responsibility and maturity varies by each individual). Sure, mistakes happen but people should own up to their mistakes.

Christians: You actually think gay marriage should be legal, amirite?

I'm LDS (oh shit everyone - the crazies are out...) and I don't believe one bit that it is my business, or anyone else's business to tell anyone who they can and cannot marry. I believe that all people, whether they be average Joe's, religious leaders, or world leaders should have the same rights as long as they're willing to work hard in life. I believe that even religious leaders (LDS included) can make mistakes and misinterpret God's teachings. I'm pretty positive that God said multiple times in the Bible that only he is allowed to judge his people, so therefore I am going to stay the hell out of it and try my best to love everyone and be a good person. I believe anyone can be a good person if they really try, regardless of their opinions, sexual orientation, social status, or mental/physical abnormalities.

Love and loyalty bitches.

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Your favorite part of the Bible is when God gave Earth free will and then flooded it for not doing what he wanted

My favorite part of the Bible is context. You realize you are oversimplifying to the point of creating a logical fallacy, right?

Look at it this way. If you indeed are a created being, would not the creator have absolute freedom to do anything with you—his creation? Do you really feel qualified in your position to question your maker? The Bible also says God sustains his creation on a continual basis. If God suddenly decided he was tired of holding the universe together, he could just let it all go. We'd vanish. Yet here you are—living, breathing, and questioning. You don't take your questions far enough, though. You go just far enough to find excuses to doubt God. Why do you need to do this? What have you to gain? An absolution from guilt for something you are doing that you know isn't right? That's only human nature, but human nature is corrupted. Don't follow human nature; follow Christ.