About me.

I'm just a small town girl...livin' in a lonely world..would love to take a midnight train going anywhere right about now!!
I'm 100% in love with my Lord and savior Jesus Christ!!!:D
I love living life!!
I really really love exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!
I like to take pictures of myself for fun..and then edit them all crazy like!:)
I never listen to music quietly unless I'm trying to read!
You can often catch me bursting out into random dance!:)
I'm a cheerleader...and one of the few that thinks it's only a sport if you compete!
I can be a bit of a risk taker, and am determined to sky dive one of these days!!!:)
I love it how it says that I'm right 100% of the time, because I like to think I really am!!:)
and ummm...yah! that's pretty much me!!:)) you wanna know more message me!!:)