A truly cringe-worthy horror movie would be a video compilation of all the stupid things you've said and done over the years, amirite?

That movie's stuck on replay in my brain

Do you have a song that you listen for inspiration?

I suppose Welcome Home by Radical Face: YouTube video thumbnail
It makes me content inspiring me to just live my life

Badfinger - Baby Blue
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Which Pizza Chain Has the Best Pizza?
@ItsATrap Personally, I love Pizza Pizza.

Pizza Pizza is little ceasar's tag line here in the US. Is little ceasar's in canada? If not i wonder if it's related.

How Do You Feel When it Rains?

Content. Oh so content. Please give me rainnnnnnnnnn..........,

If You Could Only Pick One Superhero to Protect Your City, Who would it Be?
@Ada I'm going totally overkill with Superman. 乂^‿^乂

I would think he would be the most capable. Unless superman being real automatically means kryptonite is real.

What's your favorite song right now and why is it your favorite?

No particular song at the moment. Anything without lyrics though. Lyrics are making me think too much. Anything chill and relaxing. So i can close my eyes and be somewhere else.

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What's your favorite song right now and why is it your favorite?
What or your thoughts on psychologically androgynous people? (People who are mentally neither or both genders)
@freespeechfreelancer I referred to and insinuated it in my first comment. I said that it would be nice if all people could make their...

Ok yea you're right, if we just got back to the "bare basics" there would be no "problems" as there are now. But we are already past the "basics" now. And the problems we see come from peoples inability to accept others choices. Now, the only legitamate complaint i've heard you make is the deception of physical sex change. I can agree with that. But you are lumping the entire gay community in with those transgenders who would decieve people and saying it is all "saddening".
So what is the issue with the rest of the gay community who are not decieving anyone?

If we are evolving beings then what do you think we will evolve into in the future?

Trogdor. Trogdor is the next step. Trogdor will strike again.

What is the most embarrassing song or CD in your collection?

Probably dirty little secret by all-american rejects. I get emberassed even when no one else is in the room

Which is a better snack Nachos or Onion Rings?

Well i like to have nachos for a meal. So i'll have to go with onion rings.

You wonder if the conservatives that worry about elboa becoming airborne realize that they now believe in evolution?

El Boa becoming airborn seems terrifying. Snakes are scary enough, but flying snakes? Flying Boas?! No gracias.

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"Tongue-tied and oh so squeamish
You never fell in love
Did you get what you deserve
The ending of your life"