is cool but they should make a site like that for other ethnicities. Like and they could post stuff like "I don't know who my baby's daddy is"; or "I lost a penny"; and "I got an A-", amirite?
Parent's never know when their own kids lose their virginity, amirite?

If I ever get a kid, I'm always going to convince myself that they're an untouched angel.
And if anyone tells me differently, I'd stab them.

Just because you choose not to associate with black people doesn't mean you're racist. amirite?
@45 people are black and mad...

I think you're lost:

You had one of those moments in childhood in which you honest to God thought you had a super power, amirite?

... I thought I could cut bread perfectly.

I even thought of myself as the "bread cutting master."

oh god I was stupid

There may be plenty of fish in the sea, but until you catch one you're just stuck there holding your rod, amirite?

I feel this is related enough...

It doesn't matter what the situation is, or who's involved. Someone, somewhere will always say, "It's all Obama's fault". Amirite?

"I spilled my glass of apple juice!"

By the middle of the school year, you have lost all the pens you bought at the beginning of school. The ones you're using are either one of the following : 1. Found on the ground. 2. Borrowed. 3. Taken from a parent's/doctor's office or that mug at home containing all those pens, amirite?

I usually steal my pens/pencils from classmates that I hate.
I can do that by basically just reaching over and taking it when they go to the bathroom or something or if there's a fire drill, be the last one to leave and steal a bunch of pencils. >:D

It sucks when youre sitting next to your crush and you just want to hug and kiss him/her but you know you can't, amirite?

I sit right across from my crush.
Who has a girlfriend.

Sometimes I just wanna dramatically get out of my seat, grab him by his shirt collar, then kiss him really hard, but then I remember I'm a nervous wreck that doesn't even have enough bravery to throw a paper ball in class.

If someone injures you, you sometimes over exaggerate your pain to make them feel bad. amirite?

I over exaggerate everything.
"I ate one of your cookies."
"... Sorry."

Even though those cookies were totally for me to pig out on.

Behind every "who cares" there's a little voice inside you that says "I do". Amirite?

My suggestion for Management:
1. Create an account full of posts saying "Keep __", "Change ___", or whatever.
2. Advertise that account's posts and encourage people to vote on them.
3. Change things depending on the post's outcome.

Also, make a guideline for what kind of negative comments should be deleted.
Are they constantly complaining on each POTD and acting stupid about it with no idea of how to change it? Sure, delete /some/ of those. If it's just one person who usually doesn't complain and they have solid reasons for disliking it along with a change they would like, it's really good to keep that.

Complaints are more important than good comments, they tell you what you should change.

Also, try to be very active in the amirite? community if possible. The more you seem like one of us rather than a dictator, the more comfortable we are about expressing our opinions to improve our time and your site.

I would post this on Management's account, but I don't know if he has one.

Has anyone noticed that there aren't many play-places at fast food restaurants anymore? Probably because none of those kids chowing down on burgers and fries can fit through the tunnels, amirite?

Well I actually don't see many places with no play places, but just thinking about play places makes me relax.

Back when I was a kid whenever I wanted some peace and quiet after eating chick-fil-a, I would go to their play place and go to the tippy top of the entire structure. There I would just lie down, look out the window at the cars passing by, and listen to their jazz music. If any kid decides to ruin my quietness, I howl and snarl from above until they get so scared they run out of the play place crying.

Getting married to have sex is like getting on an airplane to have peanuts, amirite?
@danilol im allergic to peanuts cries

You're allergic to peanuts crying?

When you're dreaming, you don't question things like "where did I get this chinchilla?" or "why am I eating branches", amirite?

Or how about why my bus can manage to get on it's back wheels, start dancing while I'm inside of it and I managed to not only be unharmed, but entertained?

There's better ways than war to get back at a country. For example, pick a day where its supposed to rain, fly over the capital city, and drop thousands of rolls of toilet paper. That way no one gets killed, everyone gets confused, and they have to spend their time getting wet toilet paper off of their buildings instead of hurting others. amirite?
@Mehh really? what world is this in?

the same world where pranking is replaced for war.
Aka, the world in this post. -_-

Give a fish a fish, and you introduce the concept of slavery to an entire species. Teach a fish to fish, and you make him a mythical, nightmarish murderer feared by his own kind. So maybe just stay away from fish, amirite?
@Richard Something is fishy about this post...

Yeah. It just seems like one of those posts that was made for the halibut.