Hate is baggage. Life is too short to be walking around pissed off all the time, amirite?

American History X! l smilie

A person is most vulnerable on the toilet, amirite?

On the toilet while their nail polish is drying...

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Your boss (or principal) never just calls you to the office for tea and cookies, amirite?

He doesn't call me to the office at all foreveralone smilie

A ghost could be humping you right now, and you would never know it, amirite?

Oh yeah ghost come get me!! Wait then I would have ghost children

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Its quite amazing how, after hearing just the first few notes, you can remember all the lyrics to a song you haven't heard in years; but you can hardly remember what you ate for dinner 3 nights ago, amirite?

After reading this, I agreed, but thought "3 nights ago" sounded stupid, because of course 3 nights ago I had......and then couldn't for the life of me think what i ate - even as I'm typing this I can't quite remember...Anyway, to the OP - bang on! And now I'm playing a song I heard more than 4 years ago for the first time in my head...word for word

An e-book is no more inferior to a printed book than a hardcover is to a paperback, amirite?
After a long day of work, Kanye West goes to his Kanye Nest to take his Kanye Rest. He wakes up feeling his Kanye Best. Then he'll get Kanye Dressed in his Kanye Vest to go on a Kanye Quest. He goes to church and becomes Kanye Blessed, then to a hotel and becomes a Kanye Guest. Then to school to take his Kanye Test. amirite?

Glad to get that off my Kanye Chest

The only thing history taught you was that white people screwed things up for just about everyone, amirite?

First month of History class: The American Revolution; Why We are Awesome

Second month of History class: Slavery; Okay, We Made One Mistake

Third month of History class: The Holocaust; In Hindsight, We Probably Should've Done a Bit More About hitler

Fourth month of History class: Indian Relocation; Perhaps we got Overexcited

Fifth month of History class: Civil Rights; C'mon, We Didn't Know They Were People!

Guys: Whenever you pee and it comes out in multiple directions you call your penis a "dick" and then it looks at you and you both laugh together at how you were accidentally clever but then you realise your dick shouldn't be laughing or looking at you so you begin to yell at it until it goes limp. But then you feel bad for yelling so massage it until you're back on speaking terms. Then as you begin to recollect about what just happen you think, "Wow this hypothetical has gotten way out of hand.", amirite?
@tag How high are you?

No, it's "hi, how are you?"

Arizona says life starts two weeks before conception. That is incredibly stupid, amirite?

"Hey Jen, I think I'm going to give my virginity to Brad next weekend."

"Holy shit, Ashley! You're pregnant?!"