In the previews for Tangled, they made it look as if Rapunzel could control her hair like it was a superpower, amirite?

Hair bender?

If you are traveling with a baby or young children you should do your best to keep your child happy. People don't want to hear a screaming baby or whining kid when they are stuck on a plane.

While travelling this holiday season, I sometimes wished that people were required to sedate their children on the plane. If hell exists, I will probably be going there for thinking that. Lol

Suicidals: you always feel bad whenever someone innocent dies whether by accident or for a bad reason. They die just because someone had to die, you'd have gladly taken their place and spared the pain their friends and family get from such a tragedy, amirite?
@PhilboydStudge While you're waiting though, why not try to enjoy yourself? Or, as Eric Idle sang, "if life seems jolly rotten...

Oh I am enjoying myself. It is not like I hole up in my room and stay there all day long. I do everything anyone else would do. I just don't socialize with people much and when I do, I try to not become very close with them. I prefer when I am the secondary resource for the people I am interacting with rather than their go-to person. I go to professional school and am training for a career. I have friends and room-mates. But again, I am not their best friend. That is pretty much it. And although I am doing all these things, in the back of my mind, I am simply waiting to be free of the weight of life without destroying someone else's life in the process.

Just because we have scarves on our heads and we dress a little more modest doesn't mean you have to stare at us like we're some different species, amirite?
@FlyingGuineaPig By that logic, it's also ok for people to stare at me because I have a service dog, since I'm choosing to use it...

Just because they stare does not mean that they don't have respect for you. It could also mean that they are curious. I get stared at all the time in the old age home where i volunteer because its a tiny town with all white people other than my family. The people who stare usually are just super curious about where i am from and what languages i speak.

You think adoption is a great idea, but you want to have your own kids, amirite?

Once you adopt them, they are your "own" kid. If you think otherwise, you are not fit to adopt anyways. You should probably look into becoming foster parents.

It never made sense that 'Bob' is short for Robert, amirite?

Sasha for Alexander

This is probably going to be very controversial, but if sexualities such as gay and bi are supported, then sexualities such as pedophilia and necrophilia should be supported too, right? I'm not saying I WANT or SUPPORT pedophilia or necrophilia, and I have absolutely nothing against homosexuals, but following our own rules, all sexualities should be allowed, amirite?
You are upstairs when suddenly, your mom calls you from the kitchen. As you run down the stairs you hear your mother shout from her room upstairs "Don't go in the kitchen! I heard it too!" You're now essentially trapped. This scenario is extremely troubling the more you think about it, amirite?

This is getting creepier by the second. Fuck.

It's kind of annoying that people can remember that Christians go to a Church, Jews go to a Synagogue, and Muslims go to Mosque, yet no one seems to know that Sikhs go to a Gurdwara, amirite?

When I lived in India, I didnt know much about Judaism. I didn't know that Jewish people went to a synagogue and not a temple to worship. That wasn't because I didn't care about other religions and cultures and that Indians didn't care about the minorities in the country. It was simply because the knowledge of Judaism was irrelevant to the social and political issues of India just like the knowledge of Sikhism in America.

As we withdraw more and more from the outside world, we become increasingly invested in online communities, amirite?
@VicZinc Who is this "we" you speak of? You got a mouse in your pocket?

Oh, it's just of a few of us here. Other than me, there is my sentient computer, my sentient phone, and that mouse in my pocket (how did you know about that?!).

I am English, not British. QUIT CALLING ME BRITISH! amirite?
@I AM both, but I don't wan't to be CALLED both. It's wierd. To me it's like saying you're from The Earth, instead...

If you encountered aliens, you would say you are from Earth. If you met foreigners, you would say you are from the US. If you meet someone from a different state, you would say you are from your state. Your introduction of where you from and the way people address your location of origin has to be put in perspective. Therefore, people who are from outside the Great Britain will call everyone from inside it as British. And aliens will address them as Earthlings.

Not wanting children because "it will just be another human consuming the Earth's resources" is completely ridiculous, amirite?

And that is why we have a population crisis.

Although you don't like to stereotype and generalize, the whole concept of religion enrages you, even if for a second, when you hear about a 11 year-old girl facing death penalty for burning a book that she probably can not read simply because of belonging to a religion that she probably does not understand. amirite?
Pigeons always look like they're dancing to an invisible iPod, amirite?

That made me smile. Thanks!

A future full of adults who were never properly disciplined as children, and who were given trophies for simply participating in events in school, sounds like something out of a dystopian terror film, amirite?

Just look at all the Canadian athletes who cried their eyes out in from of cameras after messing up. That is what will happen everywhere if we don't stop doing this.

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