Just because you don't see the point in life, it doesn't make it pointless
@Cellar_Door So, what is the meaning of life?

There doesn't have to be one. I suspect there probably is no reason. If there is one though, I think it would be to reproduce, to continue your species basically.

The company of strangers is rather liberating, amirite?

indeed, personally i can share anything with a stranger with out holding back anything.

That movie's stuck on replay in my brain

Love is love. It doesn't matter if it's a boy and a girl, a boy and a boy, a girl and a girl, a blalck boy and a white girl, a white boy and an asian girl. It's the beauty of two humans sharing love that is all that should ever matter. amirite?

My guess would be that the one on the right is a white male, because of the strong jaw and the shape of the nose, but I could be entirely wrong. I think the best part of this picture is that you can compare features between the two people and, even as an untrained individual, recognize familiar features associated with different genders and races. I think it shows how brilliant the human brain is at recognizing patterns and applying them to unfamiliar situations, even if they are missing pieces or not entirely accurate.

Party like you were invited.
@Literally almost all of OP's homepage posts are copied. I don't mean to put him under the spotlight but he should...

I remember when people used to copy things from amirite to post to other sites. Those were the days.

You can't reason with the religious because religion is unreasonable.
@fuzala I've been able to reason with those who are religious and with those who are non-religious I've also faced...

I agree that "reasonable and unreasonable people exist in both of those groups" I find that I have difficulty reasoning with anyone who thinks that "faith" is a valid argument, To me, a faith based argument is equivalent to saying "because I said so."

It would be amazing for your self-esteem if you could be notified every time someone thought something nice about you, amirite?

No because then I'd never get any notifications! (cry2)

It's funny how the only thing preventing world peace is the one species that wants to achieve it, amirite?
@VicZinc Why the double standard? Humans only natural predator is human (except a few microbes that we are good at...

Genocide and wars and robberies and abuse of all kinds, destruction of ecosystems, destruction of species just for their home lands to use, all those arent quite the same as a lion catching an antelope. Their murder is at least justified, but for humans it's just arrogance and unfair claims of the planet

A class of kindergarteners can fight occasionally and play together and still be at peace, but if an 8th grader comes in and stabs half of them and then uses the rest as chairs for himself, that's not peace anymore.

There is no use for religion in the modern world.
@fuzala well can you say that what you see is reality because it's based on your perspective? I think you are limiting...

The scientific method is open to revision which means it is not a belief. It is trust based on empirical evidence. I disagree with the third definition. I don't 'believe' that it's wrong. If I am wrong and trust is a synonym for belief, then I will search for a better word. It might be more accurate to say I follow the scientific method, which is susceptible to rigorous proof.

There is no use for religion in the modern world.
@fuzala http://amirite.com/754182-persp...-elses-amirite I'm...

Reality isn't open to interpretation unless you're under the influence of drugs or faith. (same difference)

There is no use for religion in the modern world.