Identity Thief: "I came here to kick butts and take names, and I'm all out of butts." amirite?

"I'm handing out lollipops and ass kicking and I'm all out of lollipops." - the game

Masturbating in the bathroom of a plane is hijacking, amirite?
@IamProbablyaNinja Already been covered.

none of the comments on here say anything about that

children tend to swallow a lot when telling a story, amirite?
Realizing you forgot your iPod when you get to the gym sucks, amirite?
You hate it when your friends ask you to go see a movie that you don't want to see so you say you can't go even though you can, and you feel like a jerk because you want to hang out with them and all, just you don't want to spend the $7 on a movie you wont enjoy, amirite?

the movies havent been $7 since 1865

Khloe Kardashian is the best Kardashian, amirite?
@ctiscooler Saying someone is "the best Kardashian" is hardly a compliment.

well shes overall the best.. best looking, best personality, etc

The music of today will never beat Led Zeppelin, Michael Jackson, Louis Armstrong or The Beatles none of those legends and many like them. amirite?
If teachers give your class a huge assignment and not enough time to finish it then they're not aloud to complain about marking it, amirite?

I guess you never got an assignment to teach you how to spell allowed :)

There should be a U-turn signal on cars, amirite?

I came up with this idea years ago, no one ever agrees with me

They should sell refills of the little eraser that fits on top of mechanical pencils, amirite?

This made the home page? That's like me saying they should sell gas for cars

We shouldn't claim not to be weird, because everybody is weird. If no one was weird, then no one would be different. There would be no such thing as smart, pretty, or talented, and we'd all be the same, amirite?

if we're all weird, we're all the same

It's embarrassing when you're on a person's facebook that you barely know and you're looking through old pictures and you accidentally like it, amirite?
Is it really necessary to put a "do not drink" warning on the back of a shampoo bottle? I mean, as tempting as it sounds, I'm not going to pour a nice cup of shampoo in a wine glass, stir it up a little, and serve it to guests with a little paper umbrella, amirite?

Some people are just stupid and need to be told not to do things that people with common sense know not to do. also what @pascey said

if the fisrt and lsat lteter are in the rhgit pacle you can stlil raed the wrod, amirite?
Masturbating in the bathroom of a plane is hijacking, amirite?