Shouldn't we plant fruit trees on side walks so homeless can eat, amirite?

Yes. We have fruit trees, they are all male. It was decided decades ago that female trees would make too much of a mess and the city would be liable for damages to cars, and all the rotting fruit would attract rats. As well as the leeching of heavy metals from the surrounding area into the fruit, which could poison people. All these concerns are addressable, but expensive.

Medusa would have stoned more people if she had bigger breasts. amirite?
Most people think Cruella de Vil is evil for wanting to kill dogs for their fur, but do the exact same thing whenever they buy leather, amirite?

Because the leather often comes from a food process. Dalmatians aren't food so it was just murder. There's no redeeming value in it

If can you be invisible at anytime at will and since light can't reach your eyes, what would you see, amirite?
@Kionix What would the universe look like without any stars?

Dark, pitch black, but you could tell that it's dark because light passes into your eyes

Gamer guy urine isn't in high demand. amirite?
@Lecturesea7537 I'm so afraid to ask.... But gamer girl urine is? Damn

Probably, I mean we got bitches selling fart jars, does urine surprise you?

We have all just been given a sneak preview of how we are going to handle retirement. amirite?
If men or women wore clothing with playboy logos on it people wouldn't blink an eye, but if they wear one with a pornhub logo people will think they're odd. amirite?

I was on Holiday just before the pandemic in Thailand and saw MANY people wearing Pornhub logo clothes.

More in a couple weeks than I have seen playboy logos in the last few years in fact.

If a person can have a world record for not having a world record, then they won't qualify for the world record as then they will have a world record. So no one in the world will have a world record for having no world records. amirite?
@Mihneacuzino Give or take, yeah.

Got a whole country up there damn

if your wife cleans the house before the maid comes over it's probably a good sign. amirite?
Anyone who can build a pizza in under two minutes immediately becomes the most valuable roommate to have. amirite?

I am still a beginner, so i am following the steps told in the manual, which takes about 5 minutes!

Those Jelly Belly flavor engineers have superpowers and could probably bring about world peace if they put their minds to it, amirite?
@Squintygibberoses4jt They're all random colours and flavours so you'll never know

Oh, but can I then just eat mouthful after mouthful as long as I am evenly split? Because that's way better than only getting one jelly bean, so I'm in. Wait. Is it a good tasting poison and antidote?

If you take the average of every average, you could theoretically have THE average of everything. amirite?

42 obviously

Loyalty is hard to earn and easy to lose. amirite?
@Mrtechnohawk I think it depends on the person. With some people, it's quite the opposite and loyalty is easy to earn but hard to...

That's my life, I trust people wayyy to easily and when they hurt me I can't let go because I always give them another chance

We technically don't know if everyone sees a color the same way, amirite?
@KilljoyX Maybe not exactly, but we all seem to be in agreement that green is green and blue is blue, etc

I agree. My friend has protanopia, so he has a tendency to run red lights if no traffic is around.

If someone discovered time travel, they'd probably go back in time and fix a mistake in their past, ultimately altering their own timeline such that they never discover time travel, amirite?
@monsterallergies I still think only dimension travel is real and possible not time travel. I want to go back in time & fix my...

Perhaps I'm behind the curve - what is dimension travel and how does it differ from time travel?