There's no blue food. amirite?

Blue cheese.

Pockets are little sacks we keep inside our clothes. amirite?

So are scrotums.

Scientists know what is beyond our solar system even though they've never been or seen what there is, amirite?

Telescopes though.

Even when EVs are the norm, people will probably prefer to use gas pedal over accelerator since it has two fewer syllables. amirite?

Maybe change from gas pedal to GO pedal...

You can only kiss yourself in the mirror on the lips, amirite?
The clothes we wear the most are the clothes we want to be seen in the least, amirite?

You should really be changing your underwear every day mate.

If vehicles ran Flintstones style, we'd be much healthier and the have a cleaner planet. amirite?

Yeah but them feet though...

Stereotypes are measured by what dumb people think of others, amirite?

This is completely untrue.

someone probably bust a nut to 2 girls 1 cup, amirite?

Not the weirdest thing people bust a nut to

Slowing down on a highway makes you an influencer with thousands of followers. amirite?

Tractors on roads have mad followers.

We all had more freedom when phones had a cord. amirite?

Trust me…the internet has ruined everything.

In the next lifetime, cords and wires will go extinct because of wireless technology. amirite?
Baby Shark has more views than there are people on Earth, and it targets a demographic that can't chose what it watches. amirite?
@srilart by demographic that can't chose what it watches, you meant the parents?

Idk what they're talking about. Not only could my son use his baby shark app at 2 years old he also set the language to Japanese through his own preference.

"Chibi same, kawaii."

lol looks like a drowning stick figure, amirite?

bed looks like a... well... you know what it looks like..

Clits looking like tiny penises is something everyone decided to never talk about, amirite?

Except for you