We're not very creative when it comes to naming sports. amirite?
A majority of fans are likely only used to produce white noise, amirite?

A majority of white noise is created by fans.

If hockey players flopped, it'd be a very different game, amirite?
90% of lies told are out of kindness or convenience, and not particularly immoral, amirite?
Your pets probably think it's their house. amirite?

It is their house? They live there

hippies where over half a century ago. amirite?
Cotton earbuds have more uses than what it is meant for. amirite?
lol looks like a drowning stick figure, amirite?

bed looks like a... well... you know what it looks like..

Superheroes don't have secret identities as normal people, normal people have secret identities as superheroes. amirite?

Not Superman or Wonderwoman

Even when EVs are the norm, people will probably prefer to use gas pedal over accelerator since it has two fewer syllables. amirite?

Maybe change from gas pedal to GO pedal...

The cat's bound to be dead if you keep the box closed long enough. amirite?

Schroendinger cat wants a mouth with your tongue

Things that are very light fall quite slowly, and yet things that are very heavy fall slowly as well. amirite?

If I remember correctly, objects fall at the same rate due to equal gravity. A tennis ball and bowling ball dropped at the same time would also hit the ground at the same time

The vast majority of the sky is actually below our feet. amirite?
If you are bitten by a zombie, but you have the antidote for the zombie pathogen, you will still likely die of a nasty infection commonly present in decaying bodies. amirite?

This makes me 😞

Zeno is provably wrong: there is no infinite regress because you cannot travel half of a Planck length. amirite?