With every birthday you aren't a year older rather your life is a year shorter. amirite?

Found the pessimist.

You know you're an adult when your cereal doesn't float in milk. amirite?

You know you're not eating a kids cereal when it doesn't float

Monsters Inc. Monsters only target kids rich enough to have their own room and closets, amirite?
In your 20s you're worried about what everyone thinks of you. In your 30s you make it a point to not care what anyone thinks of you. In your 40s you realize that no one was thinking about you anyway. amirite?

So basically, life goes on.

You'd think that if we went to Venus we would have longer life expectancy, but we wouldn't because we would die. amirite?
If Superbowl ads are an indicator of trends for the future, we will all be driving electric cars purchased with crypto while holding a seltzer beer really soon. amirite?

Sounds like an unused idea for that Cryptoland pitch.

It's crazy how we normalize drinking milk from other animals, amirite?

It's even crazier how we have normalized processed foods. Nothing normal about eating fake food and calling it a happy meal.

Johnny Depp would have several Oscars if it wasn't for Amber Heard, amirite?
When the English language repeats a word, it changes the meaning of the word. For real real. amirite?

I don't love love you, but i love you, man.

Trading card packs were the first loot boxes. amirite?
Someone might be stalking you and you might not even know it. amirite?

Perhaps, isn't that exciting?

Bending down to check the height of the flame on your gas stove may be the only part of the cooking process that has remained unchanged for nearly 200 years. amirite?

I use gas but I use the dial as a gauge to the heat of the flame. I rarely look at the flame. I can't remember ever checking it by eye but I won't say I never have.

The brain is the most efficient computer, amirite?

Mine could use a storage upgrade.

The annoying thing about being high iq is constantly having profound ideas but no one to share them with because most people don't understand, amirite?

Nah, it's constantly having completely reasonable and perfectly obvious ideas and having nobody else understand them, even after you explain the very simple chain of logic.

If mice didn't crap everywhere, we probably wouldn't know or care that theyr'e in our homes. amirite?

I had a mouse chew and scratch a hole in my room, it'd wake me up in the mornings with all the scratchy noises and drive me insane. I felt really bad for it when the mouse trap got it, but there was really no other way to remove it.