About me.

The government name is Laura-Ashley, but most people call me Lala or La or they make something up. I'm into performing arts, basically aside from school (JUNIOR! CLASS OF '12 LETS GOOOO!!) all I do is compete in the marching band, compete in dance, play in the jazz band, or play in the pit orchestra. I play Bb clarinet(my main instrument), bass clarinet, alto sax, and i march bari sax this year(it's actually a hysterical sight considering i'm quite short and so the bari reaches down to my knees :D). Also, i'm trying to learn flute, but as you can see, reeds are my thing xD As for the dance aspect of my life, I compete in tap, it's my passion. I also do Jazz, Hip Hop, and take acting classes. Performing arts are my calling, I'd be lost without the stage(or the pit for that matter ;D).