Friends are like elevators, some will take you up, while others bring you down.

If your friends bring you down, why are they your friends?

If you were stuck on an Island what would you bring with you (only one and say why in comments)

A book on 'how to make a raft.'

Made out. Making out? Shelly: "Those two made out in front of everyone after the soccer game." Edna: "Why don't they just get a room for that making out business."

Rest in Peace Uncle Vernon Dursley (3/28/13)

I think snape was the perfect snape.

Conversations about trees don't usually take root or branch out, amirite?
@Lauraladybug Well that sounds a bit knotty...

Fir sure- this is chestnuts...quite a treemendous amount of comments- ashtonishing. On this aokcasion though, I woodn't usually brush it aside but I think I'm going to take a break and log off you know, to lay down forest. I hope this spruced things up for yew.:)

What brand of purse would you want?

A Louis Vuitton bag but they're expensive as nutsacks.

Friends are like elevators, some will take you up, while others bring you down.
If you could eliminate one (and only one) item from the human condition it would be:
Do you still have a teddy bear?

Mine is a beaver. Named Beaver. He does what ever the hell he wants because he's a beaver.

You'd picture a John Smith in your head as having a boring job like an accountant or something, amirite?

I think of John Smith from Pocahontas, 1995 Disney film.

Saying that Harry Potter is a book about magic is like saying that Animal Farm is a book about animals, amirite?

"Four legs good, two legs better!" That honestly made me so sad. Then Boxer...:(

Everyday I'm
Sometimes, you start a text with "lol" if it might be a sensitive subject. Like, "lol it'd be cool if you moved out kyle."

Lol, seems dumb.

Which name for the devil do you prefer?
It would either be awesome or really disturbing if we shared dreams with people who were sleeping in the same house. Instead of waking up the next morning and saying, "I had this dream about..." it would be like, "I can't believe you did that in our dream last night.", amirite?

Sometimes my dreams seem so real that I think that it actually happened. If someone does something in my dream I will become subconsciously mad at them and then I get over myself.