About me.

I'm really not good at writing about myself. I've redone this thing a million times and it still just doesn't seem to fit or describe me accurately, so I think I'll leave it at this:

I'm Lauren. I enjoy long walks on the beach, roses, knitting...

Just kidding. But seriously, I'm Lauren. I'm much nicer than I should be sometimes, but never a pushover. I'm very independent. I love to read, swim, cheer & dance. I will live at the beach one day. I have a lengthy bucket list, but I always forget to write it down. I'm a romantic when reading a good love story, but not once I close the book. You probably don't care about my taste in music, so I'll spare you the time. Family is important to me.

I have the 13th most favorited post of all time. Of ALL TIME!
No, it's not that impressive but it makes me happy.

I love meeting new people, so get to know me. :)

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