It counts as losing your virginity if you were raped, am I right?

In a physical sense, yes. But in the emotional and mental sense.. I don't think so :/

Some people's usernames are just fucking stupid, amirite?

A few people's usernames just make you wanna have a lawlz attack.

Some names are just un-nicknameable. amirite?
Since all girls have periods, we shouldn't have to pay for pads and tampons, they should be free, amirite?

Especially in public places. Toilet paper is free so, so should pads and tampons. It's quite aggrevating when you're on your period and you don't have that quarter to buy a pad.

The results of the Seventeen magazine poll: 87% of readers would rather meet Justin Bieber tomorrow than their soul mate tomorrow. That is just plain sad, amirite?

17 magazine is considered reading? o.o

There should be a gender-neutral pronoun in the English language, amirite?
You think it's wrong to date your best friend's ex,amirite?

It depends on the situation. But generally speaking, your best friend probably wouldn't be happy with you dating an ex, so yeah it's wrong.

Guys: you can't wait until the moment when you propose, amirite?

while i don't want a proprosal to be extravagent, i'd like it to be at least somewhat romantic and a slightly bigger gesture than saying "hey wanna get married?" i mean i want to know that marrying me means a lot to the guy. i suppose he doesn't have to say that just through the proposal though. anyways, my perfect proposal would just be going out to a park or a nature trail or somewhere where we can be alone and him getting down on one knee and just asking me to marry him. not too simple, not too crazy.

As long as nobody wears shirts saying stuff like "kill the Jews!" there shouldn't be a dress code at school, amirite?

well they should have some sort of code like skirt lengths and what not but theres no need to have us wearing khakis and polos tucked in everyday like at my school. i can sorta understand their point but not really..

Clever logos make you smile, amirite?

I don't understand the Baskin Robbins one.. I think I'm missing something..

Being alone in the room you tried to kill yourself in feels really creepy. amirite?
@that has absolutely nothing to do with the post...

She/he's saying that suicide isn't the answer and this post is about suicide.. so it kinda does have something to do with the post..

You're waiting/have waited until marriage to have sex, amirite?

I haven't really decided yet.. I mean I haven't even been presented with an oppurtunity to make that choice. Either way, I think I'm too young to deal with sex, even if I could. And I don't think I fully understand the role it will have in a relationship from an emotional standpoint.

I never see my face in my dreams. It's always like a first person perspective or my face can never quite be focused on..

hell has an orchestra that only plays "It's a small world after all" nonstop on bagpipes, harmonicas, recorders, banjos, slide whistles, french horns, ukelele and jaw harp, amirite?

Is it just me or do french horns sounds really soothing and not hell-ish at all?

It would be really awkward to see one of your teachers at the beach, amirite?

My teachers reserved the local pool for a staff pool party. I was on shift that night. So awkward....