The Hunger Games series is about a girl who hates cats, then decides they're okay in the end, amirite?

Favvkes, is that you?

Incest between consenting adults is okay, amirite?
@Chairmanleviapproved Jesus Christ! All of you need to wake up and realize that what other people do is none of your business! If a man...

It is actually hilarious to watch people like you claim that thinking ANYTHING is wrong is close-minded.

Point blank. It is fucking disgusting for a woman who has raised a child as her own to take advantage of the trust she has given him and start some kind of relationship.
Even a step-parent/step-child relationship is just WRONG (not as wrong as a blood-relationship), because you raised that person as a child, or saw them as a parental figure and having a sexual relationship is a surefire way to TEAR YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY APART.

It is not morally or ethically right and it has extreme consequences okay. I have read about families who have went through incestuous relationships, and the aftermath to their psyche are devastating.
Sure society frowns upon some things that it shouldn't, but it got it right this time.
Incest is wrong, and this is coming from an extremely open-minded person, but even I will not take the bullcrap you are trying to spoonfeed me.

There's a reason whenever you try to type YOLO on an iPod, it auto corrects to 'tool', amirite?

Mine corrects to Yolanda

People who like Crocs: You don't exist, amirite?

lol I like crocs too...
Have to admit, they are extremely comfortable, especially compared to flip flops, and they are perfect for wearing around water parks or pool areas. They are good summertime shoes, and there are a lot of different styles- not all of them are bad.
I don't get all the croc hate people..

Asking someone who knows they are gay and hasn't had sex with the opposite gender, "How do you know unless you've tried it?" is like asking, "How do you know you're not into bestiality unless you've tried it?" You just know, amirite?
@cherryblaster Say it again.

say crack again.

Spaghetti straps are more like fettuccine straps, amirite?

The worst batch of comments ever connected to a post...

You find it ironic, and kinda neat that the bombs used to blow up the ships in the new movie "Battleship" are shaped the same as the pegs used in the classic Battleship game. Amirite?

I get what your saying, but if you misuse the word irony, for "cool coincidence", you can bet that people will jump down your throat.
Three already have.

When you have to stay home on a weekend and study, you're kinda happy if the weather is bad cause other people won't be having fun outside while you're not, amirite?
"Live mas" is literally the worst slogan you have ever heard, amirite?

So, so incredibly stupid.

You make ice sculptures. You specialize in cubes, amirite?

I don't get the reference... :(

It's very annoying when you find a song you like a lot and then find out it isn't available on iTunes, amirite?


You make ice sculptures. You specialize in cubes, amirite?

OH I feel really stupid, I get it now....
I thought you were talking about the people who actually make ice sculptures, like swans and stuff.
And then I assumed that it was a common saying in general to say that you "specialize in (something that sounds like 'cubes') and that you were just making a pun on ice.. not sure if that made sense, but that's really funny actually!

You hated going through victory road. amirite?

Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire were my favorite group of pokemon games. I am not a fan of black and white and all these new things. Did you know that they have an icecream cone pokemon? A fucking ice cream cone. Oh yeah, and a gothic pokemon- Gothita.
I miss the old days.
And yeah VR pissed me off so much, wild zubats or whismers or whatever was in that particular cave were really obnoxious.

You know who this is, amirite?

Sorry, but this is a pretty pointless post.
If you don't know who that is and are over the age of 12, then you must have issues

It'd be trippy and awesome if, when you dream, it's not just a figment of your imagination, but instead is you living the lives you lead in parallel universes. amirite?

I had a dream last night where I posted a really stupid post on amirite and I got over 250 "no ways" and zero "yeah you ares", not even I clicked yes. And my average post score got so low and I was so sad. I literally felt distressed in that dream.. :O