People seem to enjoy being separated from their partner because they get a guaranteed break from their kids. amirite?
@DueBodybuilde Lots of things in life are difficult. When faced with a tough time you need to adopt the correct attitude and just...

If your parents can't get along without fighting, it's better if they separate. Mine did and I never had any trauma or pain from that.

College football is corrupt and vile. It should be abolished. amirite?
Kinda weird that there isn't just free drinking water everywhere. amirite?
@Heinerprahm Not at all any place in the US i've visited, and I've been to most major cities and 40/50 states. Its more common...

Especially since Covid started a ton of municipalities used the virus as an excuse to shut all the public fountains down. Weird that even when the scientific consensus found that transfers through objects were minimal the fountains remained closed. I think it has more to do with saving money on the maintenance on them than anything else.

Hamburgers are better than Cheeseburgers, amirite?

An actually good unpopular opinion! Bravo sir!

This generation of isn't dumber than any that came before them. It is just getting harder to cheat at school. amirite?
We always talk about dick size, but never width or height. amirite?
Isolating yourself when you're upset is perfectly acceptable, amirite?
@Iapetus-11 That's exactly what works for me. Whenever I am upset I tend to say things or behave in ways that never meant to...

I have said many things that time and patience would have allowed me not to say
I have also ended many friendships with people who couldn't understand that in a heated argument I need time to calm down and regain my composure

Ground beef is better than steak, amirite?

Why did I read this as "ground beef is better than shark"

Many of us will retroactively become hypocrites for getting annoyed at old people's driving. amirite?

Nope. I expect self driving cars to be ubiquitous by the time I'm an old fart.

Isolating yourself when you're upset is perfectly acceptable, amirite?
@Pheniz21 I think it's also part of maturing to track your emotions before you get to a point where you're too emotionally...

I think this is fine for someone with a neuro typical brain becomes very hard for those of us who are not mentally well. Practice makes perfect though right?

Marvel released almost an entire cinematic universe in between the two Avatar movies. amirite?

"I'm waiting for the technology" then he goes and threatens to cancel the later movies if we don't fawn over him and his projects enough.

Archaeologists should not be excavating graves. amirite?
N, E, S and W as well as latitude and longitude only apply to earth. When space travel becomes commonplace we'll have no way to agree a meeting point with someone. amirite?

There are other coordinates and measurments for space and have been for some time

Only the poorest rich people fly in first class, amirite?

Flights that are two hours or less I'll fly economy. Anything longer than that and I'm flying first class. I just get too uncomfortable and I'm more than willing to splurge a couple times a year for my comfort.

The last time we flew economy my wife spent the entire flight with the stomach of the guy sitting next to her resting on her leg. She couldn't even use her tray table because it would have hit his body. I'm willing to spend extra money to make sure we don't have to deal with that again.

People who pay with cash should get their own line, so they can all suffer together, amirite?

Man people really can't handle the smallest of inconveniences anymore. JFC.