Kinda weird that there isn't just free drinking water everywhere. amirite?
@Heinerprahm Not at all any place in the US i've visited, and I've been to most major cities and 40/50 states. Its more common...

Especially since Covid started a ton of municipalities used the virus as an excuse to shut all the public fountains down. Weird that even when the scientific consensus found that transfers through objects were minimal the fountains remained closed. I think it has more to do with saving money on the maintenance on them than anything else.

We always talk about dick size, but never width or height. amirite?
Many of us will retroactively become hypocrites for getting annoyed at old people's driving. amirite?

Nope. I expect self driving cars to be ubiquitous by the time I'm an old fart.

Only the poorest rich people fly in first class, amirite?

Flights that are two hours or less I'll fly economy. Anything longer than that and I'm flying first class. I just get too uncomfortable and I'm more than willing to splurge a couple times a year for my comfort.

The last time we flew economy my wife spent the entire flight with the stomach of the guy sitting next to her resting on her leg. She couldn't even use her tray table because it would have hit his body. I'm willing to spend extra money to make sure we don't have to deal with that again.

Before sex Ed and porn, most guys probably assumed their dicks were above average. amirite?
@Effectlive97 Six inches above average? Like nearly a foot long? Hahaha you'll scare more women away with that monstrosity than...

Dude if you whip out 8 inches with some reasonable girth some ladies will hell no out of that. Don't get me wrong, you'll get enthusiastic buy in too.

Killing each other barbarically for resources has just been replaced by outcompeting each other through killing yourself in the attempt to run the other competing business into the ground. amirite?

The barbarism is still out there somewhere. Here in the 'civilized' world we are but some complicit vestigial facilitator appendage.

An only child has the power to end their entire lineage spanning hundreds, if not thousands, of years by doing nothing, amirite?
We always talk about dick size, but never width or height. amirite?
@Larny2019 I'm curious about the waffle maker part. Please elaborate

Well, perhaps a waffle-maker was a weird example - I didn't intend to confuse with the mental image of a waffled-texture (Waffle-Wang). Imagine, rather, a johnson which has had an unfortunate intimate experience with a hydraulic press (Press-Pecker). Its width would exceed its height by more than the typical ratio (estimate in the range of 10-15%), and possibly resemble, depending on length, original girth, and the power setting on the press at the time of impact(s), dimensions more akin to those of a television remote control.

Kinda weird that there isn't just free drinking water everywhere. amirite?
People want you to be honest, but when you really speak your mind 95% of them can't handle it easily, amirite?

" I just tell it like it is, it's EVERYONE ELSE who is the problem!"

Sure thing Cletus.

Dice are chunks of plastic diced up. amirite?

Are they diced off a larger price, or melted and molded? I guess it depends on the dice?

Surely there must be some that are hand crafted from a giant chunk of plastic?

If you were to go the speed of light you would probably go blind due to matching the light speed hitting your eye, amirite?

Well if we allow objects with a mass to travel at the speed of light you would immediately (from your point of view) crash into the first object in front of you ne matter how far it is, and since your energy is infinite I don't think you have a high chance of surviving it

the pig is the only farm animal that is only useful when dead. amirite?
@Crazymotherfuker They are great for getting rid of cadavers too. At least according to television

Beware any man who keeps a pig farm. They will go through bone like buttah!

opening your mouth for the dentist and he just spits in it, amirite?

My day was going really great! And then, this

Your body becomes a trashcan whenever you eat something just because you didn't want to throw it away, amirite?

I'll need those calories later anyway