About me.

Favorite book series: Divergent Series
Second favorite book: Tentacles
Favorite movie: This Means War
Favorite Disney movie: The Lion King
Favorite thing to do with friends: play Minecraft
Favorite thing to do with family: go out to dinner
Favorite thing to do alone: read
Favorite color: black, or blue-gray
Favorite tv show: Legend of Korra
Favorite food: Nutella
Favorite drink: Oreo milkshake
Favorite breakfast: chocolate chip pancakes
Favorite dessert: peanut butter gelatto
Favorite day of the week: Friday
Favorite time of day: dinner time
Favorite place: my bed
Favorite car: Hyundai Elentra
Favorite object: my computer
Favorite flower: Lily of the Valley
Favorite animal: tiger
Second favorite animal: Penguin
Favorite mythical creature: dragon
Favorite city: Minnesota, Duluth
Favorite kind of weather: overcast, cool
Favorite Hershey's product: Reese's

I also change my password 4 times a year.

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