Nobody has ever made a statue to dishonor the person it's depicting. amirite?
@Plastic_Island3688 Giant trump inflatable?

Was gonna say, this guy made a series of antitrump statues lol. They might have been actual people standing still for hours, don't remember now

If extraterrestrials from light years away come to visit us, maybe we are their past. amirite?

Assuming they travel by non-trans-dimensional means

For the first half of your life, you're getting older. For the second half, you're just getting old. amirite?
The areas in our body that we don't want hair to grow on are the areas that will not go bald unless shaven. amirite?
You could hear 1,000 jokes and not remember any of them when you wanted to retell one but remember every single one when you heard them told again. amirite?

You can tell me your name 100 times and I will still forget it. Tell me a joke once and I'll remember it forever

Wood will probably be considered a luxury building material, like marble, when we colonise other star systems. amirite?
@motorbikemilly The Expanse book series actually touches on that. Only the super rich Earthers get to know what wood even looks like

Also IIRC in Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosigan Saga, most of the colonized worlds don't have wood, but one (Barrayar, which had been isolated for centuries) not only had vast forests and buildings made of wood, people were shocked that they would just burn it for heat!

Deadpool probably isn't circumcised because of his regeneration ability, amirite?

Vanessa, can you chime in on this? Inquiring minds want to know - whole or trimmed?

People survive 100% of their near-death experiences. amirite?

People can tell their age buy how many years they've been alive.

We all give. each other 1 doller and we all will are becomes billion ears, amirite?
People who party like they're going to die young are more likely to die young than people that don't, amirite?

Well, I guess it's a good thing they were partying…

Wood will probably be considered a luxury building material, like marble, when we colonise other star systems. amirite?
The pop tart icing is not critical to flavor. Its purpose is to demarcate the filling boundaries. Most kids (and adults) thus falsely over-emphasize the importance of icing coverage. amirite?

Thanks I hate it

The scene in Frozen where Ana punches Hans would never be allowed if the genders were reversed. amirite?
@404ChompyNotFound Yeah if a woman tries to kill you go ahead and punch her off a boat I think you get a pass.

You'd think that, wouldn't you? I bet money you're going to have at least one white knight galloping to the rescue though.

You realise you're a fully fledged adult when you eat cereal as a late night snack and go to bed excited to eat it again for breakfast, amirite?

I am not an argumentative sort, but the only brekkie I get excited for is an all you can eat fry up at a hotel (which I always start with cereal, I guess, drenched in full fat milk at the perfect temperature) or a maccies breakfast. The latter makes me want to say sorry, not sorry, because I know what I'm about.

Those who act like they have all the answers are too smug to learn by asking questions. amirite?

Actually. . .