Let's try to keep this post at an exact balance at 3000, amirite?

I want to like this, but it would ruin it

In Harry Potter, if Voldemort had made his horcruxes like a grain of sand or a blade of grass, he would have truly been invincible, because there would be no way of knowing what to look for, amirite?

But if a blade of grass was a horcrux people would mow the lawn and voldemort would die. If he really wanted to be invincible he would've made Waldo a horcrux!

Blood is thicker then water, but maple syrup is thicker then blood. Therefore pancakes are more important than family, amirite?

Waffles are better than pancakes!

It would be amazing if all restaurants had to end their URLs with ".nom", amirite?

For a team's fight song, instead of "eat em up, eat em up, rah, rah, rah!", it should be "eat em up, eat em up, nom, nom, nom!"

They most likely wouldnt be charged with murder, because, as someone said before, murder is when someone kills someone else with the intent of killing them.

However, someone might drink just to get drunk, and then, even if the drunk person hadn't planned on driving afterward, because drinking impairs your judgement, they might choose to drive anyway. They might get in an accident and kill someone.

But even in that case, I believe it is still manslaughter, not murder. In other news, I just wasted your time.

Competitive math is a real sport, amirite?

Of course, it's a competitive sport for an Asian, because an A- is an Asian F.

It kinda shows how wide our vocabulary is how there are 281 pages of amirite posts containing the word "awkward", amirite?

Is this post included in those 281 pages?

Why do they have the timer on the edit things why can't you just delete and edit when you want not saying i have 30seconds (i know it's not the real time) to click the button what if your computers really slow, amirite?

Maybe your post would have been understandable if you used those five minutes to edit your punctuation.

You hate it when you try to hug someone sexy but you end up headbutting the mirror, amirite?

Future POTD. I'm calling it.

Commercials that ask "Do YOU like discounts?!?" are so pointless. It's not like anyone is going to be like " NO! I don't like discounts!! Charge me more money!!" amirite?

Although Jimmy Fallon did do a commercial where he asked a baby if they wanted more money and it said no and threw cheerios and a fire extinguisher at him.

Guys: Honestly, you would make your girlfriend a sandwich is she asked you too, amirite?

But those few people that disagreed are guys that wouldn't make their girl a sandwich. It would suck to be that girl with the guy who is too lazy to make a stinkin sandwich, and you could probably find out a lot about him from that one mistake he made. The smallest things are what help you uncover the biggest things.

You're always so happy when you get a letter in the actual mail... who really cares about email anymore, amirite?

Snail mail rocks!

Today, at a stop light, I noticed the guy beside me texting. As a test, I jolted my car forward, put it in neutral, and revved my engine. As predicted, the guy ripped right through the red light (which had cameras). He deserves the ticket he's going to get, amirite?

This post is in MLIA form.

If there's no 'I' in team, and there's no 'u' either, who is actually in this 'team', amirite?

E is in team, and e is the first letter of the word "eye" and A-M is also in team, therefore you get "I am". I am on the team.

weren't that drunk? dude, you asked your mom if she is a virgin, amirite?

You also went up to an old man with a beard, hugged him, and screamed, "dumbledore! You're alive!"