About me.

To be honest, reading the posts of the new amirite? depress me. This site use to be a place to share interesting opinions and original jokes. It has turned into a cliche-internet dump full of "celebrity twitter" tweets. If this is account is somehow reported or banned for this about me section, I would like to say that this, in itself, is an opinion. If an amirite? account is reported or banned for stating an opinion, then it is proof that this website has truly turned its back on the reasons upon which is was formed. I will always remember the old amirite?. Thank you to everyone who read this far. RIP amirite?.

Old Account info. vvvvvvv

I'm that kid that reads almost every post and comment but rarely says anything. Which is strange because in real life I am very outgoing.

Anyways, I'm a college kid and I love running and music.

Feel free to message me I promise it's not weird.

Also, I might be addicted to twitter..