Somewhere, a devout cat lover has walked into a Catholic meeting and promptly realized he had misread the sign, amirite?

The most impressive part is you beat favvkes to it.

god is real if someone come from the futer,god is not real if no one comes from the futer and we made the time macne also we were first than the futer, amirite?
Guys: Whenever you pee and it comes out in multiple directions you call your penis a "dick" and then it looks at you and you both laugh together at how you were accidentally clever but then you realise your dick shouldn't be laughing or looking at you so you begin to yell at it until it goes limp. But then you feel bad for yelling so massage it until you're back on speaking terms. Then as you begin to recollect about what just happen you think, "Wow this hypothetical has gotten way out of hand.", amirite?
@Is his name Richard?

Your dad's a dick.


It kinda sucks when you finish a book that just had to end the saddest way possible so you just sit there staring off into the distance all depressed. amirite?

I've always liked sad endings. Not sure why.

We should abolish marriage and engage in three year contracts instead with the option for renewal. amirite?

I think that's called dating.

If a stranger starts talking to you in an elevator, just say: "I don't want to talk in case we get stuck and I have to eat you" that'll shut 'em up. amirite?

This reminded me of the movie Devil.

Humans with their limited abilities can never understand the true nature of the Universe

It says 39 comments. I count 12..

If you could drop everything and travel the world (with only a backpack and the bare necessities) and learn new concepts, meet new people, and just go on an adventure... you would. Amirite?

If I could bring a couple people and not just go by myself.

Criminals who get sentenced to life in prison should just be sent to war. Our tax dollars won't be wasted on them and they can defend the country. amirite?

How the fuck does this have such a high score? Did anyone think of the consequences at all?

You didn't really think you would like Toy Story 3, but now it's one of your favorite movies, amirite?

I disagree with the first part.

Almost every user on this site has at least one post or comment that they regret posting anonymously. amirite?
You'd have more respect for people in the march on Wall Street if they actually knew what the movement was about. amirite?

This post might have the least humor-related comments i've ever seen for a POTD. Nice to see that the amirite users can talk about serious issues too.

A movie can be funny without being considered "good". amirite?

I had the movie Ted in mind when I posted this.

Girls: You wonder if guys talk about us as much as we talk about them, amirite?

We do trust me, tho it's not always about "personality" or whatever the fuck you girls talk about XD

Coloring books are awesome in elementary school, lame in middle school, and awesome again in high school, amirite?

This applies to a lot of stuff besides coloring books.