Leaf blowers are 100 times more annoying than a buildup of dead leaves and they should be banned from residential areas, amirite?

Squidward just doesn't know how to have fun.

I'm more excited about electrifying lawn equipment than cars, amirite?

I really enjoy not reeking like gas and oil when I'm done using my electric chainsaw, that's for damn sure.

Someday all the god damn leaf blowers will be nice and quite too.

Fish pics get too much hate, amirite?

Back when I used Tinder like 8 years ago, I never minded the pictures of a guy holding a fish. Fishing is a hobby, after all. I agree I don't find it any different than a picture with a guitar or whatever. What I hated was the guys who had a bunch of pictures of their cars that didn't include them in it. I like cars a lot but I am trying to date a person, not a car.

Mountain Dew and Sierra Mist taste very different for two things that are named after the same thing. amirite?

Sprite and MTN Dee taste the same, Sprite is just C R I S P I E R

Most lesbian porn almost instantly passess the bechdel test, amirite?
@DueBodybuilde Straight men get off by looking at women, which is inherently bad.

Did I say that?

It's a joke about the Bechdel test (which is not a good assessment of what is and isn't sexist anyways). Chill. Jokes aren't that deep.

I love school and university, amirite?
Larger populations is not how we fix retirement and other societal issues! amirite?
@Apartlavishness I've never heard the argument that we need a larger population to sustain retirement benefits. I have heard...

Sadly I've heard it said a lot. That we have to pay into these systems because it is designed that way.

As if nothing can be designed again or changed.

But I do agree with your second point. Although sometimes that is a question of a living wage and other social issues that again people are putting forth bad points because they don't really want to address the reality of the situation.

the problems of the school system aren't bugs, they're features, amirite?
If you need your SOs maps to be on, you don't trust them. amirite?

My girlfriend has no grasp on time, so it's hard to predict when she'll show up at my house. So it's convenient to know. It's also nice to have if we're meeting somewhere and we need to find eachother.

But I generally try to stay away from tracking people otherwise. It's very toxic.

The average man knows how to give a better blowjob than the average woman. amirite?

No. It takes practice, and the average man doesn't get much practice.

You spend your entire life gathering people for your funeral. amirite?

If that's the case, then you also spend your entire life practicing for your final breath.

When you were a kid, you were scared of the dentist out of fear of pain. As an adult, you're scared of it because of the cost that pains your wallet. amirite?
@East-conference-2832 No, it's still the pain. And they act like each painkiller is an entire shipment of heroin.

2 extractions, dry socket, writhing in pain. Here let's put some clove oil on it and prescribe Tylenol 3. Useless. To be fair the clove oil did wonders.

Bumpers are for BUMPING, so they shouldn't be painted and no one should cry about paint damage on them. amirite?

They're not "for bumping" lol they're just to mitigate damage. We're not all driving bumper cars. I get this is unpopular opinions but this isn't really an opinion, it's just incorrect.

People who apply deodorant after putting their shirt on are chaotic evil, amirite?

Hmmm sounds more like a rant and how does OP know?

We suffer more in our imagination than reality, amirite?

Trueeee. I'm so much better at handling real life stress vs. the stress I make up in my head lol