A sunset is completely different from a sunrise. amirite?
You never realized coffee isn't it's own drink. It's just coffee-flavored water. amirite?

I was pointing out ONE drink. Idgaf about the others. If I did then I would've said "ALL drinks are (whatever flavored) water".

It sucks when you're eating icecream or a popscicle and it gets in between your teeth. amirite?

Because when any OTHER kind of food gets stuck in my teeth, it pleases me.

Class of 2011: The class so nice, we're #1 twice (: amirite?
It's ironic that the Beatles, of all bands, would have a song called "Come Together", amirite?
It'd be very weird if airplanes had horns like cars and trains do. amirite?
It seems like you always have to pee the second you finish putting on a complicated outfit. (i.e. costume, sports uniform, tight pants, etc.) amirite?
When wiping, it makes your day when you don't see any poo on your wipe, amirite?

Everyone needs to stfu :p its happened to all of us and frankly, I love it! Makes my bathroom trip that much shorter (:

Its awkward and embarrassing when there is only you and another person in the toilets, and everything is silent, so all you can hear is yourself peeing, and you know the other person can hear you too, and you just wish they would leave first so they dont see you, amirite?

It's even more awkward when you're taking a shit...

You're tired of songs that spell things out. We're not little kids, so just sing normally, be original, and stop giving us spelling lessons. amirite?
Class of 2011: The class so nice, we're #1 twice (: amirite?

Lmaooo! That's hilarious (:

Class of 2011: The class so nice, we're #1 twice (: amirite?

This post wasn't supposed to sound cocky. Its my class slogan and I thought it was clever :p

Class of 2011: The class so nice, we're #1 twice (: amirite?

dude wth are you talking about? It's my class slogan, chill the fuck out.

It doesn't matter if you're fat, as long as you have a sense of style, amirite?

This is totally true. Because most of the time, what makes fat people SUPER fat and/or ugly is what they're wearing o.O

so what I have noticed is that everyone here lives off this website and needs a life. how sad..if you say no,you are probably one of them who should realize it, amirite?

"Anonymous" AND the fact that you made this post on the supposed "website people need lives on" o.O Is it me or is it getting a tad ironic in here?