It's annoying how on FML there are hundreds of people that say a poster deserved something that was in no way their fault. It's like "Today, a nuclear missile hit my town, completely leveling it and killing all of my family and friends. FML" And then there will be 800 people that say that they deserve it, amirite?

People who say no think that person is lying

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer id libero a neque tincidunt iaculis, amirite?
You just know you're going to miss 11:11 on 11/11/11, amirite?
Fap means fantastic and pretty, amirite?
It's ridiculous to say that someone can only go to heaven if they believe in Christianity (or any one specific religion, for that matter). There are Buddhist monks who have never so much as killed a fly, and they won't go to heaven? There are indigenous tribes in Africa who live in utter harmony, but have never heard of Christianity. What kind of God would deny them entrance to heaven, amirite?
Everything in your field of vision is located at see level, amirite?
It doesn't feel like your actually graduating until all of your grandparents come into town and crowd up everything, amirite?

My brother is graduating and my grandparents are coming. That means I have to sleep in a fricken tent :|

Wii U sounds more like the sound a siren makes than the next awesome gaming system, amirite?
Yo wonder where the deleted posts go. Do they go into a reject bank or do they just vanish, amirite?
You feel happy when a celebrity follows you on Twitter, amirite?

Lady GaGa followed me :D

If maturity had an IQ, most people would be mentally retarded, amirite?
Even pictures and comics can be tl;dr, amirite?
NASCAR would be a lot more interesting if the tracks were twisty and unpredictable, full of obstacles and danger, amirite?
You know you love food when you hear "drumstick" and think "ice cream" or "chicken" before anything musical, amirite?

I thought chicken. Mmmmm...Chicken :)

We'd all be in a lot of trouble if alarm clocks had voice command, amirite?

There is. It's called "Moshi" and I have one :3