Men with erectile dysfunction have a soft spot for women, amirite?

How about

instead of getting pissed that a POTD isn't "POTD worthy" make a post that is and stop complaining.

Love the post btw.

Let's get something straight: gays! Amirite?

I'm gay and I thought this was funny. >.>

You can't say erect or crotchety in front of a class of freshmen without expecting them to giggle, amirite?

what the FUCK is wrong with you?

Pedo Bear can't wait until Kids Bop 69. amirite?

Let's hope Kids Bop 69 never sees daylight. Sorry Pedo bear, but I can only take so much horrid singing ._.

They should rename "musicals". Homo-erotic filmography is a better title, amirite?


(Insert some douchebag who has negative comments towards you below)

If you were born on say January 15, 2000, you would actually be 11 years old, not 10. amirite?

Facepalm isn't enough to explain this.


When someone dies right after you right their name in your Death Note you begin to worry about seeing a shinigami in the near future, amirite?

I suppose you meant write*?

Gays are not destroying the sanctity of marriage. Spousal abuse, adultery, and the ever-increasing rate of divorces are destroying the sanctity of marriage, amirite?
What's so bad about gay people? amirite?

Lord of the straight? No dumbshit is going to make a birth-defect like you lord of ANYTHING

There is no reason the media should have HELPED Jessi Slaughter, she brought it upon herself, amirite?
More girls should go green and wear slutty shirts because they use less fabric, amirite?
@AssCakes Thank you. I take great pride in my work saving Earth.

Well when she comes over she saves a lot of water.

We just use the couch so we don't have to wash any sheets

Anthony's pretty damn cute, amirite?

I'd tap that.

You're really jealous because I figured out how to make words in my posts <i>in italics</i> , amirite?
@wobbuffet For the record--I was just trolling. Do you really think I'm an <i>idiot</i>?


You're really jealous because I figured out how to make words in my posts <i>in italics</i> , amirite?

Facepalm cannot begin to explain this post.


The Snorgtees ads are getting worse and worse, and they rely completely on boobs to do their marketing, amirite?

I rely on boobs for a LOT of things. Who says an ad can't do it?