"What's up?" "Eating you." ...This is how commas save lives. amirite?
Chewing tobacco makes a guy look tough & sexy, amirite?

Totally. Gum disease is the number one thing I look for in a man

Dentist: " remember you cant forget to floss EVERY day.". You: bitch please, i dont even OWN floss .. "of course", amirite?


y smilie

For every animal that vegetarians don't eat we meat-eaters should eat three. That'll teach those self-righteous bastards, amirite?

OP is a dumbshit o.o

The local young men are keen on my flavoured milk drink and frequent my garden in order to sample it. They insist the quality is better than yours. amirite?

That was beautiful

High school teachers have the worst job ever, the students never give them a chance and treat them like shit, amirite?

Almost everyone at my school had a decent relationship with their teachers. There was of course some students who refused to be a part of the school system, but for the most our teacher to student bonds were really well established.

If I was a teacher there, I would feel like I had a great job.

But I suppose that's not always the case.

The kids, who in Extreme Makeover Home Edition get an extravagant theme bedroom, is going to hate it in a few years, when they lose their passion for e.g. monkeys, amirite?

Well that- and the electricity bills that come with the house.

Hermione would kick Bella's ass, amirite?

I never thought there was competition between them....I mean, can Bella even do ANYTHING?

I'll be Burger King and you'll be McDonalds. I'll have it my way and you'll be lovin' it, amirite?
Lady GaGa's video for Alejandro was definitely odd. amirite?

Gay Dancing Nazis with fish nets


Pansexual dudes must get a lot of boners, amirite?

Yah. Yah we do.

If I buy a teddy bear for £5, name it Mohammed and sell it for £10, have I made a prophet? amirite?
Attractive guys are more attractive when they don't think they're attractive, amirite?

Unless it's just to get compliments. Which is annoying as hell. -.-

Otherwise I agree ;]

Being a virgin nowadays makes you special. It's like being a unicorn, amirite?

HAHAHA. And if your not a virgin, your just a horse XD, you lost your 'horn'

Being rite is a privilege, not a right, amirite?

Fuck. Do I hate people ._.

Congrats, Max