You've wondered if the Mod's can see your account name and who you are through some secret button, if you posted anonymously. amirite?

No but they do have a button that implants a camera in your room.

I consider it a plus though

We should give a name to that little guy in the "amirite" logo. I'm thinking Jim, amirite?
it used to be called gramm but then a pirate discovered it and got mad thus creating GRAMM-ARRRR, amirite?

First of all she's not.

Second, go soak your head you ignorant self-righteous fuck.


A hug leads to a kiss, a kiss leads to a lick, a lick leads to a suck & a suck leads to a fuck. So, do you want a hug ? amirite?
Pregnancy tests should come with condom coupons, amirite?
@watz a condom?

nine-year-olds should not be allowed on this site, amirite?

Isn't it funny how in Transformers 2, Megan Fox's perfectly white pants never got dirty, amirite?

She deflects dirt with her incredibly horrifying personality

Honestly, no matter how many homepaged posts you amass or what title you're given here, the moment you step away from the keyboard, you return to your life of mediocrity where none of it means a thing. amirite?

way to totally bring down my day.

I'm going to go drink till I'm sick now D:

The funniest thing ever is when pets have human names, like Cathy, Rick, or Kevin. amirite?

....I'm going to name my cat Kathy now XD

ok i am SICK AND TIRED of people discriminating against me because i am YOUNG! like, its OKAY for me to have sex as an eleven and a half year old, its not like im not using CONDOMS and its morally fine because me and my girlfriend are in LOVE, amirite?
@burnagaininja what is a troll? like is it a young person? and also, people SHOULD follow what i say. people like you tried to...

I fear for your future. Unless you're indeed a troll. In which case, I applaud you whole-heartedly. You're doing a wondrous job.

In Soviet don't get marks, Marx gets youuu! amirite?


You'd rather have a beautiful singing voice than have 1000+ facebook friends, amirite?

There is a lot of things I'd chose over 1000+ FACEBOOK friends.

A pigs orgasm lasts for 30 minutes. Why do they hang around in the mud all day, rather than getting it on, amirite?

Whatever gland allows that, I want it

It's actually pretty scary when you call your mom and you think that they might have heard your friend shouting something extremely sexual in the background. amirite?

"Hey mom?"



If you haven't seen Inception yet, it's starting to feel a lot like you're the only person on the face of the earth who hasn't, amirite?