It's really annoying when someone randomly asks you why you are smiling. It's like it's against the law to smile for no reason at all, amirite?

What's even more annoying is when someone asks you why aren't you smiling.

Everything is out on blue-ray and DVD on a Monday, amirite?

Most places get their deliveries on a monday and put them for sale/rent immediately.

The best way to find out who you are is to sit in your room with no distractions (no TV, no computer, no music, no phone). Despite being uncomfortable, that's how you find out where you are going in life, amirite?

How so?

You've never heard of someone using pipe cleaners to actually clean pipes, amirite?

It's pretty much all I use them for.

Excluding sexual perversions, it's generally understood that a person's sexuality should not be considered a character flaw. What goes on in someone's bedroom is his or her business alone. But most people seem to only apply this logic to gay people and they continue to bash promiscuous women. That should really stop, amirite?

What exactly would your definition of a sexual perversion be? Many people (not me) consider homosexuality a perversion, I'm sure some consider excessive promiscuity a perversion as well.

It's funny when you're in a friend's car and an embarrassing song comes on their iPod and they act surprised that it's there. Nobody believes that some iPod bandit is putting Nickelback and Celine Dion on their playlist when they aren't looking. amirite?
@Hey! There's nothing wrong with Celine Dion!

Everything is wrong with Celine Dion.

The Australia group banner is upside down, amirite?
@coasterkid People have to realize that in different countries, they write their maps differently. For example, Australians...

I'm not sure I understand. Are you saying that Australians are accustomed to maps with the Southern Hemisphere at the top and the Northern Hemisphere at the bottom? Because that's just not true. While it is only a human convention to put North at the top, and there are maps made which reverse it and put South at the top, they're pretty much just a novelty item; no one actually uses these maps.

If you go to austrailia, grilling is not an option... you may only put things (mainly shrimp) on the bahbee (barbie) amirite?

Not only do we call shrimp prawns, I don't think I've ever even had prawns at a barbecue, usually we stick to sausages and steaks, maybe some kebabs.

Disney took one of its signature elements from Bollywood. If you start singing/dancing randomly, everyone in the vicinity will know the words/step, amirite?

I'm pretty sure both Disney and Bollywood took it from American musical theatre.

You wonder if terrorists get annoyed when people assume that they're all muslim, amirite?
I understand that the classes outside your major are to give you a well rounded education, but it is a total waste of time and money. I want to be a doctor. How in the Hell is something like history/English Literature going to help me make a diagnosis? amirite?

It's university, not job-training.

9:11-9:19: the only times when the numbers added together equal the number after the colon. Amirite?


You wish you had heated towel racks, so stepping out of the shower wouldn't be like jumping into the Arctic, amirite?

I have heated towel racks, they're mostly disappointing.

You know the universe is out to get you when you are trying to put multiple hangers on the rack at the same time and they get stuck under one another and fall all over the place when you try to fix them, amirite?

You know you're having paranoid delusions when you think the universe is out to get you.

Mark Hamill is actually a very successful voice actor nowadays.