You used to think Antarctica was a huge continent, amirite?

comparitivly I believe you mean. As opposed to that long stretch of icy continent on maps its size on globes. Am I correct?

You know you're hated when no one claps when you win bingo, amirite?
It seems kind of stupid to make a phone with a kickstand, amirite?

Its actually more convenient than you would think. You don't use it to hold up your phone while you make a call, at least I don't. I, personally, use it when I'm using the speaker function when playing music, and when typing something from my phone onto my computer, for whatever reason.

You eat orange tic tacs like a drug addict pops pills, amirite?
Glenda the good witch, is the true bad guy. Think about it, she had a small teenage girl kill both of her enemies, she exposed the wizard as a fraud, leaving only her to have any power and to top it off she knew how to send Dorothy home the entire time, amirite?
when you do emoticons, you always attempt to make the face you type, amirite?
A great prank would be to become a famous, well-publicized author, then write a poem or story that was completely random and made no sense, and after you died, people would spend decades trying to find hidden symbolism in it, amirite?

New goal in life, thanks :D

when you do emoticons, you always attempt to make the face you type, amirite?

Well it's possible just feels awkward to do. I was over-exaggerating.

when you do emoticons, you always attempt to make the face you type, amirite?

I try and fail a lot, most awkward one ever ---> ;P u cannot wink and stick your tongue out at the same time!

Its frustrating when your watching a movie and they show each other a picture but yet, they don't show the audience the picture.. amirite?

What's even more frustrating is when someone gives the characters a letter and then they have another character read the letter. THEN they say "Then this means" "Yeah" and you still have no flipping clue what the letter says.

We love to watch romantic movies because we either say, "This is like my life!" or "I wish my love life was like that," amirite?


Holes was probably one of the best movie adaptations of a book, amirite?

Idk if reading the book after seeing the movie impairs my judgement, but I think they missed 1 thing out of the entire book. And that was the fact Stanley/Caveman was supposed to be fat and then come out fit and healthy, but its understandable they would sacrifice that for Shia Lebeouf. I loved both.

You can't list people as your grandparent on facebook - there is a reason for this, amirite?

Yeah u can I have my Grandpa listed as just that..........

There should be an asian heritage month, amirite?

At least I got the Ma- right :) haha

There should be an asian heritage month, amirite?

There is........Asian Pacific Heritage Month I believe I think its like March