There should be an asian heritage month, amirite?

At least I got the Ma- right :) haha

You can't help but wonder who you would kill first if you became a cereal killer, even if you didn't think about it, you are now. amirite?

That nasty stuff thats like wheat shreads that turn into this soupy oatmeal crap the second milk hits it

Writers: The feeling of finishing writing a really great chapter is an uncomparible feeling, amirite?
You shouldn't have a view on murder, it should just be wrong. amirite?
@Wookum The world is not just black or white, there are varying shades of gray.

but this should not be one of them, there should never be a strong enough reason to kill another human being

What is a rolling boulder's favorite type of music? A rock is inanimate and therefore cannot have a favorite type of music because it holds no thoughts in it's nonexistent brain. But i bet you said rock and roll, amirite?

.....mayyyyyyybeee what makes this better the song "I love rock 'n' roll started when I read this post

Perhaps the most disturbing thing about the Holocaust is that it was not too long ago if you think about the timeline from then and to now. That maybe its most disturbing trait because it is almost like saying there was something so evil so close to our time and things like that still happen. It reminds us all that here is still evil out there, even in this day in age. Its eery, amirite?

It's horrible that we as humans do this to other humans it outright sickens me. It shouldn't matter what country you are from, humans should help humans. People are just to stupid and blind and it just gets me so angry and depressed. This world is Hell and I can't stand it I long for the day when a human can help another honestly without being accused of meddling.

We love to watch romantic movies because we either say, "This is like my life!" or "I wish my love life was like that," amirite?


A real girlfriend doesn't complain about her boyfriend playing xBox. She sits next to him and yells "KILL HIM!", amirite?

I don't have a bf, but I would be yelling at him to kill that dude, then we would play against each other and I would fail but we would have good laughs a self-esteem boost for him with all the kills and good memories :)

That new disney movie, Lemonade Mouth, really surprised you with how good, both the music and the plot was, amirite?
when you do emoticons, you always attempt to make the face you type, amirite?
You can't list people as your grandparent on facebook - there is a reason for this, amirite?

Yeah u can I have my Grandpa listed as just that..........

You shouldn't have a view on murder, it should just be wrong. amirite?
@Wookum What do you do when there is an evil you cannot defeat by just means? Do you stain your hands with evil to destroy...

if someone is causing and being evil being evil in return is not a good answer yes he should be put in a place where he cannot harm and cause more evil...how do you live with yourself if you destroy evil by destroying and sacrificing your own morals and goodness

A great prank would be to become a famous, well-publicized author, then write a poem or story that was completely random and made no sense, and after you died, people would spend decades trying to find hidden symbolism in it, amirite?

New goal in life, thanks :D

You shouldn't have a view on murder, it should just be wrong. amirite?
It's stupid when your best guy friend's girlfriend makes him stop talking to you and defriend you an Facebook, just because you're a girl. amirite?