It'd be weird if slapping was a sign of affection and kissing was a sign of hatred. Then there would be corny facebook groups and pictures like "The thought of you slapping me makes me feel like you're the one" and like "COME AT ME BRO, DON'T MAKE ME KISS YOU", amirite?

Katy Perry would sing "I slapped a girl, and I liked it!"

There's no POTD today. Anthony must've been taken by the rapture, amirite?

I just checked a British Server on Runescape, everyone's alive and well

the boys go gay and surprise the girl

When you're a loser and a loner, money is all you care about at this point of your life, amirite?!

money indirectly buys happiness, i.e. prostitutes, video games, candy, food that will allow you to continue living, etc.

What song would be on the soundtrack of your life?

Either "Save Me" by Globus or "My Whole Family Thinks I'm Gay" by Bo Burnham

Justice will //eventually// be served no matter what. Amirite?

yeaahhhh, no

What is something you don't own that almost all of society has?

A girlfriend. Durrr

You want to kill all the campers in Modern Warfare 3, amirite?
@Blucatt oh of course he didn't mean inside the game, although the game is mainly about killing people. He meant actually...

My mistake, sir, I was really hoping the OP wouldn't be the form of being to want to physically murder live men over a crappy game that was just like its predecessor

People are too mean too selfish to be humans, amirite?!

Actually, that's exactly what makes them human

It would be great if the next time we wanted to declare war the soldiers could just pack everything up and head to the moon or some other celestial body, that way the earth wouldn't be affected, and there would be a lovely splattered shade of red on the moon when the war was over, amirite?
@Canadian_Ninja Actually, there might not be any blood if they just cut their suits and suffocated them instead.

Yeah, but that would be too quick a war, and it would be boring for the next Call of Duty game

Searching 'my ass' on Sloganmaker will help you laugh, amirite?

I don't feel the bravery to click that

It's stupid that people are believing the world will begin it rapture tomorrow when it's coming from the same guy who predicted it in 1994, amirite?
@Prosopagnosia And 6/6/6

Well, they came close with the Falador Massacre on RuneScape

There is no rapture tomorrow, I'm just comin down to do book signings on my best seller, "the Bible", amirite?
@God_the_Almighty Really? Thanks.

Sorry you couldn't make it here by the way, you must've been busy

On almost every microwavable food tray, it says the same thing- "Puncture cover, microwave on HIGH for __ minutes. Remove tray from microwave, stir thouroughly, replace cover, microwave on HIGH for __ minutes. Enjoy." amirite?
yo momma so stupid, she owns a pc, amirite?

Yo mama's so forgetful, she forgot to wear a condom. Just playing along, troll/idiot.