When you buy clothes that are like American Eagle, HCo, A&F, or Aeropostale, you are just paying for the name... the clothes are actually crap and you know that, amirite?

I agree, except for American Eagle jeans. I haven't found any other brand that fits my booty so perfectly.

Looking back on public school, the days were way too long! I mean, 7 hours a day? In college my busy days have maybe 4-5 hours of classes, and on my good days I sometimes don't have any! amirite?

So true! One day I have three classes and a lab and it feels like hell, where my days with two feel normal. I think if I ever went back to high school I would die trying to be there all day lol

You feel kind weird after you have your first kiss, amirite?

My first kiss had just got braces on and couldn't control the slobber hahahahaha oh well. My best kiss was probably on my first actual date though. On the beach at night, under the stars. OMG THE METAPHORICAL FIREWORKS haha

Despite what you might think about Harry Potter or Twilight, those books got kids reading. No one can deny how important getting kids to read is, sure the only books they've ever read is about wizards or shiny vampires but at least they were reading something, amirite?

This is a really good point. Reading is better than no reading at all. Maybe, Twilight could act as a gateway book into better books, like... Harry Potter :P but seriously, I hope they find other things to read and keep reading. I love to read, and Harry Potter was definitely a gateway series that got me into reading other books as well :)

It would be interesting to read a book of all the things people have ever said about you behind your back, amirite?

I wouldn't be able to read it, and if it did, my sensitive soul would probably be crushed. I hate criticism :/

You don't know what pokemon are?! That's just onix-ceptable! amirite?

You would never Bayleef how much I'm laughing my Ash of over here!

There is a special circle of hell for those who wear fake "nerd" glasses. In it, you are forced to realize how absolutely moronic you look while wearing them, amirite?

OMG my little sister does this and it drives me crazy. if she is with me and wearing them, I stop the car and demand her to take them off haha. Oh well, hopefully it's just that twelve year old phase thing.

Chick flick plots are all the same. You fall in love even though at first you didn't get along, but then an ex or miscommunication issues screws everything up, but eventually, somehow, you guys fall in love again and poof, happily ever after. amirite?

Let me clarify. There are a few exceptions; but I don't like to refer to them as chick flicks because I view chick flicks as brainless reused plots. Sleepless in Seattle was a really good movie, and it WAS different than usual romance movies. Even though MOST 'chick flicks' are brainless, that doesn't mean I don't enjoy watching them from time to time :P It's just that good ones with original plots are scarce, and watching the same story gets real old super quick. Just saying.

Girls: it's pretty hot when a guy wears a white t-shirt and plain blue jeans, amirite?

With a black leather jacket OMG just sayin' :)

Do you ever wonder that maybe a few hundred or thousand years ago someone messed up the date by accident? I mean, say today is supposedly Wednesday, but maybe it's actually supposed to be Thursday, amirite?
The internet becomes twice as interesting when you have a paper due the next day, amirite?

I'm suffering from this phenomena as we speak.

Girls: You've tried to imitate the Little Mermaid scene when Ariel climbs on top of the rocks and the waves crash behind her at least once in your life, amirite?

haha more than once! :P

Frozen Reese's peanut butter cups are really good, amirite?

So are frozen M&Ms :)

You masturbate to the profile pictures of everyone who votes NW on your posts. amirite?

CLEVER hahaha

Megamind is an underrated movie, in fact i doubt you've ever seen it amirite?

I totally agree, the script was so well written. A villain as the protagonist was such a good idea. My friend and I saw it a while back in 3D, but I don't really know too many other people who have seen it. Regardless, I love that movie :)