If you used to watch Teen Titans, and you were a TRUE fan, you knew these three facts: Raven does NOT have/need/like/want a boyfriend, Terra is a bitch, and you have always wanted to know what "grebnacks' were, amirite?

O.o hail? Is that supposed to be a bad word or something?

graffiti is art, not vandalism, amirite?

location, location, location

How did Ludacris go from "MOVE BITCH. GET OUT THE WAY!" to "When I was thirteen, I had my first love.", amirite?

This is almost just like what nigahiga on youtube said

Adding "if you know what i mean," at the end of every sentence makes it sound dirty. amirite?

I really like this post, if you know what I mean.

You wonder whether amirite has been Rule 34'd yet, amirite?

lol there were 34 comments on know, before I commented :)

Arizona iced tea is the best of both worlds: delicious and inexpensive, amirite?
@And healthy:D

have you looked at the amount of sugar in those things? The serving size is only half a can, there's so much

Sometimes when you're in the shower you put your back against the water, hold your arm out, and pretend that water is shooting out of your fingertips, amirite?

And it makes you spiderman!

You've stuck your tongue out of a fast moving car to see why dogs love it so much and you understood why. amirite?

So how do the flies taste?

Hugs from fat(ish) people are so much nicer than hugs from super skinny people, amirite?

Not if they're all sweaty...

You panic a little when you accidently swallow your gum, amirite?

I accidently read that as 'gun'

Bollywood is really underrated. It may be corny and cheesy, but at least it has cool dancing to redeem it. Something which most awful Hollywood movies lack, amirite?
Ross and Rachel were clearly on a break, amirite?
The decor in stores goes from Halloween to Christmas. What about Thanksgiving? amirite?

Well thanksgiving is more formal, you don't want to sit down for a nice dinner surrounded by cardboard decorations

Your parents never actually had the "Sex Talk" with you, amirite?

I feel bad for 12 people