Talking through a movie is bad. Talking through a play is worse. amirite?
It's really annoying, when people splice their sentences, with unnecessary commas, amirite?

What's even more annoying is when people read sentences aloud and ignore intended commas so the sentence runs together incorrectly.

Oh, we should've gone easy on you because you're a girl? Maybe if you played better we wouldn't have to, amirite?

I believe you meant to say "shouldn't have." That would make more of a diss.

You don't always feel like you're at the top of the gene pool, but when you do, you're at Walmart, amirite?
@YeahIAm Depends if you're talking about the 50-year-old employees that never graduated from high school or about the...

Apparently you've never been to Walmart. At least any Walmart I've ever been to. Most of the people there are disgraceful aside from a select few.

Cyber bullying: where the bullying follows the child home. But home is where the child has the fucking block button, the close browser button, and the power button, amirite?

Sure, that can all be done to take yourself out of the situation of being bullied, but it still doesn't stop the damage that's already been done. And if people care enough to bully someone over the Internet, they're going to do it face to face as well. Bullying is bullying no matter what. The child being bullied has no control over it unless he/she takes action against it.

People who try to be Hipster can never be Hipster because in order to be Hipster you don't follow trends and being Hipster is now a trend, amirite?
Just because I have tattoos doesn't mean I want to see yours or get the history of each one, amirite?

If you want to know, you'll ask.

Or cycle in the sidewalks provided. Or keep up with the flow of traffic. Or pay attention to cars behind you trying to pass you. Or just cycle at the gym.

Teenagers: a huge reason you might not want a touch screen is because you can't text as easily in school, amirite?
For all of you long timers of dub-step; You want to just pop these bandwagon [dubstep luvers] dorks (Who didn't know about the genre up until a year ago) in the mouth and tell them to "Fuck off". amirite?

This post could've been so much better if you didn't have all the little side notes. Instead of making a post about dubstep itself, you're interjecting your own opinion generalizing all people who just recently started listening to dubstep. I'm sure dubstep artists aren't upset that they are becoming more popular, and neither should you. Keep in mind, most people who recently got into dubstep are still in high school and probably just came out of the Justin Beiber/Taylor Swift phase and haven't been subjected to music like dubstep. Times change and things come in and out of style, and write now, dubstep is extremely in style. It isn't a big deal that people are super into dubstep. It's aesthetically pleasing in most instances, as is everything else that is generally popular.

Wallabies are really horrendous shoes, amirite?
Teenagers: a huge reason you might not want a touch screen is because you can't text as easily in school, amirite?
@Aimz Same thing in my eyes, they've got a lot of useless junk that I don't need on my phone.

There's also a lot of useful things. As an art student, mine is really helpful. I can take notes, I have photoshop, a really good camera, etc. I also have Pandora, a GPS, and of course amirite. It's more helpful than anything else.

When you're trying to vote on a post that you're unsure about, you go back and forth between YYA and NYA before finally deciding not to vote and move on, amirite?
@casper NYA?

Whatever it's called. I can't tell on my phone.

Getting your heart broken is sort of like jumping into ice-water. At first it hurts so much that you cry, cringe and scream, but after a while you get used to it and you become numb, amirite?

That is the most depressingly true comparison I've ever heard.

We should just buy all black socks or all white socks, so even if you are wearing mismatched, it won't matter, amirite?

Or we could just not wear socks.. I'm already ahead of the game!