Whenever the Home Depot commercials say "That's the power of the Home Depot" you think it's about to say "That's the power of Pine Sol, baby" amirite?

Yes, BIG TIME. I wanna say Pine sol came out with that first, that's why it's engraved in our heads and we wanna say "that's the power of pine sol" I don't know why home depot jocked pine sol's slogan....yeah and what is up with all these dislikes? A lot of misinformed peep..

Most of the time, when you send a big long text message, you're either apologizing about something, arguing about something, or being really cute to a significant other, amirite?

Or in my cousin's case, texting 8 pages worth of her sexual activities at parties she goes to. Classy.

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Guys: You don't understand why girls are so embarressed to eat in front of us, amirite?

You would if you knew just how much we could put away.

@I... I don't get it...

Thank you nacklefoodle. I thought he was talking about a water bottle (for drinking) filled with hot water. Now I know he was talking about that disgusting thing Squidward uses.

Slavery wasn't such a bad thing for the black race as a whole. If the slaves weren't taken to America, their descendants probably wouldn't be in America now and would be in Africa with their severe overpopulation and bad life expectancy. Amirite?
@Catbaaned Sorry, I ran out of time trying to edit this. It's not easy to word a post like this as I'm sure you can...

I understand perfectly what you were trying to say, which is why I said what I did. There are pros and cons to everything, but one always outweighs the other. For example, child prostitution teaches kids how to handle money and run a business, but that doesn't make it right.

Nine in the Afternoon is the only Panic! at the Disco song that doesn't have an unusually long title or a music video that looks like a dream. amirite?

Did you see the music video?

All babies want to get borned, amirite?

At first I was like, "Well, yeah."
Then I saw it was in abortion and I was like, "Well I don't really care about the child more than that women have that option."

Regardless of if it's a good idea or not, the government does not have the right to put anti-smoking pictures on packs of cigarettes, amirite?
@AtheisticMystic Okay, so why not put pictures of children with black eyes and people with dying livers on cases of beer? Or obese...

Because smoking is a black and white case: there can be no doubt that every ciggerette you have is bad for you. Mcdonalds: its fatty but fat isnt necessarily bad. Alcohol: What about red wine when it can be good for you in moderation? The thing is the floodgates argument doesnt work when it comes to smoking becasue if there ever was a clear cut case where a product is harmful and should be discouraged in every possible way its smoking.

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You would knock over the pope for a klondike bar, amirite?

Klondike bars really aren't that amazing though.

You would respect someone more that says mean things to you right in your face than over the internet, amirite?

I wouldn't respect someone who said stupid, pointless mean things (as that's how it usually is) whether they said it to my face or over the Internet. However, if someone had a problem with me, I'd respect them more of they discussed it with me maturely and in person rather than harassing me behind their computer screen.
But mostly, "mean" people just don't earn my respect no matter where they do it

Nothing's wrong with screamo music. In fact, it's quite under-appreciated. Amirite?
@yes it is there are some bands tht are screamo tht also sing such as Dead by April, Eyes Set To Kill, and Asking...

lolwut smilie
I'm pretty sure that AA and ESTK are not screamo bands. I think half of the people commenting on this don't even know what "screamo" is. Just because they scream or growl or whatever in the song does not automatially make them a "screamo band" ...yep. I feel better now.

You know who the Hash-Slinging Slasher is, amirite?

It's the slash bringing...sash ringing...the trash thinging...mash flinging...the flash springing...bringing the crash thinging...THE HASH SLINGING SLASHER! eats hands

You aren't the way your 2nd grade self imagined and hoped you would be at your current age, amirite?
You wish your face was as smooth as your eyelids, amirite?

feels eyelids

Fall Out Boy's best album was Infinity On High, amirite?

I'm an old school fan, Take This To Your Grave will always be my favourite.