When you're alive it's almost as if the world is built up around you. When you talk to someone, or when you see people walking about, 99% of the time, you don't ever take into consideration that they have their own lives, and thoughts. It's probably because we've only seen the world through our own eyes. It makes your head hurt that there are 7 billion other worlds around you, amirite?

I actually always think about this

The olympics are a time when the entire world forgets their differences and joins together in their hatred for China. amirite?

For some reason I love posts like this :)

The conditioner always runs out first because it is fluffier and less dense than shampoo, and thus less can be packed into the bottle. Mystery solved, amirite?

If you have curly hair condionair is a life saver.

If we were invaded by aliens and they tried to start a war with us, Obama would be able to handle the situation much better than Romney, amirite?

The YYA is much higher then the NW because there is so many more liberals on this site. Ask a different group of people and the result might be different.

You don't understand why there's almost always a commenter on a post about something controversial (religion, abortion, etc) saying "O boy, can't wait for the flame war." This is amirite, we don't have flame wars, we have discussions between people of opposing view points who try their best to stay reasonable and down to earth during them, amirite?

Waiting for the flame war to begin

When you have a crush, you think about a bunch of coincidences that you may fall in love and get married, but then realize you haven't even talked to him/her yet. amirite?

Story. Of. My. Fucking. Life

There really is no reason to sentence a prisoner to another life sentence if they kill another inmate; I mean they're not going anywhere. At that point it's probably more about bragging rights. "What, you have one life sentence? Pshh, I have three", amirite?
@lillyk435 Thats just blatantly wrong.

I have no memory of writing that...

It's pretty ridiculous that germany has completely x'ed out WWII & Hitler from their history, amirite?
@Well how much of the actual story do Americans get over the treatment of the Native Americans. Do a study abroad...

And you wonder about if the Europeans acually teach about all the places they invaded and all the natives they killed... America is not the only place that has done uprooted people from their land.

It's pretty ridiculous that germany has completely x'ed out WWII & Hitler from their history, amirite?
You kind of miss the days when cameras only had 27 shots on a roll of film. People cared more about the quality and importance of each photo. And when you went on a trip, It was fun deciding which sights were worthy of one of your 27 shots, amirite?

But then I would just worry about which 27 photos to take and never end up taking any.

Even though you don't act like it, you're insecure. amirite?
@i'm like so insecure i think it's like a false reality when guys hit on me like it's a joke they're making with...

Omg same here I always thing I'm some big joke to my grade and anytime someone hits in me it was a dare or something.

Westboro Baptish Church should be arrested for some of the stuff that they do, amirite?

It makes me so mad that they thank god for the death of the very people who gave them the right to say that.

no, humans aren't better than animals, we are NOT more important then them. All animals are created equal, amirite?
When i think of 9/11, not only do I think of those who lost their lives in the attack, I think of how great our country reacted to it. Instead of cowering in fear like Terrorists wanted us to, we stood up proudly and said "This is OUR country, and you will never break us, you will NEVER change our way of life. As long as there is someone to hold our flag in the air, we will never give in, we will FIGHT." Amirite?
How are male cheerleaders considered gay? They're the ones who get to touch girls and look up their skirts, while football players are the ones touching and laying all over other guys. amirite?